LabMe Testing Kit At Your Door: How To Use LabMe Testing Kit?


A healthy lifestyle requires regular testing. But, physical visits to the laboratory for health assessments can be stressful. It is necessary to have easy-to-follow testing that can be carried out anywhere and at any time. Many sites offer health testing kits at home to sort out this issue. LabMe testing kit is one of the authentic ways of getting medical health assessments and verified results. To learn all about the LabMe testing kit and its accuracy in detail, keep reading.

Can You Get LabMe Testing Kits At Your Door?

Yes, you can get your LabMe testing kits at home. To facilitate the patients and make testing convenient and easy to follow, LabMe offers the opportunity of ordering a LabMe testing kit online and then get your kit at your door.

How To Order LabMe Testing Kit?

You first have to decide which can kind of testing you need for your health assessment. Different blood tests or saliva tests can be selected based on your doctor's recommendation and the symptoms you are suffering from. For example, if a doctor doubts that you are undergoing blood diseases such as anemia, a complete blood count (CBC) test will be selected for you. Similarly, you must analyze your bodily changes, fix an appointment with your consultant, and then choose the specific health test you need.

After selecting the required test, you must visit the LabMe site and analyze all available tests. You may find multiple tests that detect the same body component. For example, there are more than one tests available on LabMe that can make you aware of the vitamin D level in the blood. So, you don’t have to get confused about this while selecting tests. There must be unique components with that specific body compound in the finding lists of tests.

For example, for a female looking for testosterone testing, you may find two tests at LabMe, an at-home testosterone test and an executive female hormone test. You can find out your body's testosterone level by both tests, but there is a difference between them. At-home testosterone test detects only the testosterone level, while an executive female hormone test makes you aware of the levels of estradiol, progesterone, DHEA Sulfate, and cortisol besides testosterone.

After analyzing all the above-mentioned factors, you can easily buy LabMe testing kits online. You have to go with the buying option available with the description of the test at LabMe. Then, you must fill out a form, give basic information about yourself and confirm the payment. It is all you need to do to order a LabMe testing kit.

How Long Does It Take To Get LabMe Testing Kit At Door?

You can expect to receive the LabMe testing kit within 2-5 business days after you've ordered it online. LabMe always follows the exact delivery schedule and delivers kits on time while keeping the health of our clients in mind.

How To Use Labme Testing Kit?

The usage methodology of the LabMe testing kit can vary depending on the specific test you are going with. Different samples are needed for the evaluation based on the health ailment you are experiencing. Like, the Lab may require a saliva or blood sample to detect the causes of abnormal symptoms in your body.

person getting test with a LabMe testing kit

So, depending on the sample you must complete, you must follow different steps for using LabMe testing kits. About these steps, you will receive a complete guide with LabMe testing kits. Follow all the instructions before going to collect samples. You can also get these instructions by visiting LabMe. LabMe has individually described the collection strategy of all tests in detail. For a complete understanding, you can go with the sample collection strategy of:

How To Check Out Results After Using LabMe Testing Kit?

After you have mailed your sample back to LabMe, the sample will take 2 to 5 days to reach the lab. Once the LabMe expert team receives your sample, one or two days will be taken to analyze and assess your samples, and then your reports will be available online. Once you log in to your account, you can see your results.

Does LabMe Testing Kit Give Accurate Results?

Yes, you receive accurate and reliable results when you go with LabMe.

In these laboratories, each biomarker has been validated for accuracy and repeatability through CLIA and CAP accreditation, the same standards as US hospital laboratories. Here are mentioned the unique features of LabMe that ensure the accuracy of the reports you receive from their laboratories.

  • Only clients and the team of doctors and scientists can access your samples, results, and information through LabMe's tracking system.
  • Clinical data is transferred in LabMe according to guidelines set out by the CLIA using international standards.
  • LabMe has conducted independent research to ensure its capillary collection and testing processes are accurate.
  • LabMe compares capillary blood samples collected by finger prick with venous blood samples as part of laboratory tests, as you would experience in a hospital or with your physician.
  • For CBC and CHEM14 panels, LabMe uses FedEx overnight tracked, and for others, we use USPS for 3-5 days. It is done to ensure the quality of the samples, LabMe is receiving.
  • LabMe provides free replacement kits if your sample is compromised by delay.

Can You Get Consultations From LabMe?

Yes, you can also get consultations from the medical team of LabMe. Whenever you take a premium test, LabMe will not only tell you about the reasons for the health ailments you suffer from but also recommend what supplements you should take.

If you have any inquiries related to your health, you can also ask the Labme expert team. When it comes to health-related issues, LabMe always tries to respond promptly. Moreover, the LabMe medical team provides seamless SMS consulting if bloodwork reveals critical issues and fills prescriptions at convenient pharmacies if necessary.

Why Choose LabMe Testing Kit?

LabMe is a reliable website that provides at-home testing with accurate and validated findings. Let's examine several factors that distinguish LabMe as the best option among all available choices.

Wide Range Of Health Tests

LabMe offers a wide variety of health tests. Based on the recommendation, you can choose any specific tests you require. Different tests provide information about other compounds.

Affordable Health Testing

LabMe offers at-home testing for clients who want to keep track of their health without breaking the bank. Affordably priced blood tests allow you to receive accurate results for continued medical care.

Accurate Results

A LabMe blood test has a lower variability and a higher accuracy than a dry blood spot test. Clients of Lab Me receive accurate and verified results from hospitals and research facilities that are CAP and CLIA-certified.

How To Ensure Accurate Results With LabMe Testing Kits?

The way you collect the sample for the laboratory directly affects the accuracy of the testing reports. To ensure the best and most accurate results, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Collect the sample at 8 am before eating anything, particularly when looking for cortisol levels. However, for other tests, such as complete blood count, there is not to avoid eating before testing.
  • Send the sample back to the laboratory on the same day of collection. Keeping the sample for a day or more can degrade and adversely alter the quality of the sample.
  • Try to send the sample within the working days. Otherwise, sample testing delays can occur, which alters the accuracy of the results.
  • Use a lower temperature to preserve the sample if you cannot send the sample on the same day to the laboratory. Keeping the sample at a lower temperature of 70-79 degrees Fahrenheit allows for preserving a sample for a month.


LabMe is a trustworthy site that offers you testing kits at your door. The procedure for performing testing through LabMe kits is simple and easy to follow. You must collect your sample and mail it back to the laboratory. After two days, you will get your test reports on the dashboard. You can also get prescriptions and recommendations from the expert LabMe medical team.


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