Why Is Laboratory Accuracy Important?: 5 Potential Reasons For Accurate Reports

Many medical laboratories offer various health tests for assessing normal bodily function. But not all of these labs provide reports of conducted health tests with authenticity. Fluctuation in the reports hinders finding out the cause of abnormal body metabolism. Therefore, there is a need for a laboratory that provides the test reports with 100% accuracy. Let's talk about why laboratory accuracy is important and how it impacts the medical life of patients.

Why Is Laboratory Accuracy Important?

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A medical laboratory is the intensive health testing unit responsible for identifying and diagnosing abnormal functioning in a body. When a person suffers from diseased symptoms and goes for a medical checkup, he is always recommended for some laboratory testing. The reason is that doctors can recognize the causes responsible for the appearance of diseased symptoms through the reports they get from laboratory tests.

Any fluctuation in the reports of prescribed tests will misguide the doctors about the body's metabolism. It then prevents the recommendation of authentic medications and therapies, which can worsen the patient's medical condition. Let's discuss detailed why laboratory accuracy is important for ensuring proper medical treatment.

Accurate Identification Of Components In The Body

Many laboratory tests are conducted to analyze the amount and size of different bodily components. For example, blood tests can be performed to evaluate the number of blood cells, including red, white, and platelets. Values of these blood cell further help discover autoimmune and blood disorders, including anemia, leukemia, thalassemia, etc.

When a person is prescribed urine tests, the amount of albumin and creatinine is usually compared to recognize the threat of renal problems. Similarly, saliva tests help identify the body's existing endocrine, infectious, and inflammatory ailments. Knowing the values of different components that come through the reports of blood, urine, or saliva testings, doctors can reach the root of the health disorder and then recommend any recovery procedure.

Suppose any alteration occurs in the accurate or authentic reports of the above-mentioned tests. Doctors will never know about the reasons for causing diseases among patients. The alteration in health testing can be due to various reasons, including inappropriate sample collection and the inability of laboratories to evaluate provided samples properly.

Accurate Diagnosis Of Infectious Microorganisms

The attack of bacterial diseases causes a wide range of existing disorders. Healthy bacterial flora is naturally present in the body and provides beneficial symbiotic effects to maintain life. Any disturbance in this flora or attack of foreign and harmful bacteria adversely alters body metabolism and produces diseased symptoms.

Besides bacteria, viral attacks can also be a reason for developing diseases among patients. The only way to combat these infectious disorders is the identification the type of microorganism attacking the body. Efficient laboratories can do this by blood, urine, or saliva tests. The reports' errors will misinterpret the microorganism infection, challenging to the finding of the exact antimicrobial medications or therapies.

Accurate Diagnosis Of Existing Body Malfunctioning

Whenever patients are prescribed medical lab tests, it is to diagnose existing body malfunctioning. Any disorder related to all bodily systems, such as cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, and gastrointestinal tract, can be detected by lab tests.

Each organ has specific compounds which information about the functioning of that particular organ. For example, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration can be related to the functioning of the lungs. Blood ionic concentration informs renal function and so on. If the laboratory gives accurate results, an exact diagnosis of the disorder is possible.

Prevention From Chronic Diseases

Accurate health testing can make patients aware of the existing abnormalities in the body, which can lead to chronic disorders if left untreated. Patients can detect the existing malfunctioning early in the disease with regular testing. It allows the effective recovery of the patients without experiencing excessive damage.

Effective Treatment of Existing Disorders

Patients can recover effectively only when appropriate medical treatment is given. And compatible treatment can be given when the exact reasons causing body disturbances are known. Laboratory testing is the only way of analyzing what is going on in the body. This allows doctors or physicians to detect existing ailments and prescribe accurate medications and therapies to ensure the entire removal of the disorders from the body.

What Are The Side Effects Of Inaccurate Laboratory Reports?

Inaccurate laboratory reports can put patients at risk of getting life-threatening disorders. Let's look at the side effects caused by false laboratory reports.

  • Abnormal levels of bodily compounds can't be pointed out correctly.
  • Bacteria or viruses causing infections become challenging to identify.
  • The exact causes of diseases cannot be evaluated.
  • Compatible treatment becomes difficult.
  • Effective recovery from the disease becomes impossible.

How To Ensure Laboratory Accuracy?

It is not only the laboratory's responsibility to ensure report accuracy, but patients should also adopt preventive measures in this term. Collecting and sending the sample back to the laboratory appropriately is how to get accurate results.

Before collecting the samples, read all the instructions on the testing kits you received from LabMe. Follow each step carefully and collect the blood, urine, or saliva sample. Then, send the sample back to the laboratory within a limited time without any degradation. This all help in boosting the authenticity and laboratory accuracy of the reports being evaluated by the laboratory.

Which Laboratory Offers Accurate Reports?

There are a large number of laboratories offering to test for health evaluation. As the world advances, at-home tests are made possible by the cooperation of licensed laboratories and medical experts. But finding the best and most accurate laboratory among the wide range of online testing platforms can be difficult.

Let's sort out this choosing difficulty and inform you about the best laboratory offering accurate results. LabMe is a trustworthy platform offering a wide range of health tests with accurate and verified reports provided with the recommendation of medical experts.

How LabMe Offer Accurate Results?

a person checking LabMe results online

LabMe offers test reports with lower variability and higher laboratory accuracy. Lab Me collaborates with CAP and CLIA-certified labs used by medical centers and academic institutions around the USA.

Medical staff at Lab Me includes licensed physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and scientists specializing in endocrinology and sports medicine, among other specialties, ensuring reports' accuracy.

LabMe performs all at-home blood tests in facilities with the same accreditation as large hospitals. Further, patients’ personal information is always secure with us since we adhere to the highest industry standards for data storage and security (SOK2 & HIPAA).

What If I Get an Error While Checking The Results?

When your test results come back out of range, they are much higher or lower than expected measurements. It mostly occurs when the sample provided to the laboratory needs to be adequately collected. In such a case, LabMe will notify you and give you recommendations.

How Does LabMe Make Health Testing Easy And Accurate?

With LabMe, you can test your bodily components at home with accurate results. Here are a few reasons LabMe is the best choice over all the others.

Wide Range Of Health Tests

With LabMe, you can test for many health conditions. You can go with any of your specific required tests on the recommendation. In different tests, different compounds are examined.

Affordable Health Testing

LabMe offers at-home health testing that keeps its clients in the loop without breaking the bank. You can undergo your recommended test at affordable prices and get accurate results for further medical checks.

Accurate Results

LabMe blood tests have lower variability and higher laboratory accuracy. Medical experts at LabMe ensure the accurate and verified evaluation of given samples.


LabMe is an authentic online platform that offers accurate health testing. Patients looking for at-home testing can easily evaluate the tests available at LabMe by visiting the site and ordering the required testing kit. Then, there is a need for sample collection according to the instructions mentioned on the kit packaging and mailing back the sample to the laboratory. LabMe, after receiving the sample, will evaluate and provide patients with their reports online on their dashboards.

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