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To see is to know, to not see is to guess. Knowledge is empowerment for both patient and doctor alike.

No More Fear. Your Results Are Instantly Here

Never wonder what those confusing numbers and letters mean again. Track your CBC in real-time, compare it over time, and understand your results in no time. Our application works to give you immediate information while quickly providing structured data to assist your doctor.

Improve Your Outcomes
& Ensure Your Progress

Simply relying on hospitals and doctors to remember all your old blood work and actually review it, isn't enough.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Easy Photo Upload
  • Powerful Machine Intelligence

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Works With Your
Favorite Home Devices

Simply snap photos of your home testing devices such as blood pressure and glucose meters. Lab Me instantly interprets, tracks and stores your results.

Blood Pressure Devices

Empower your own understanding by leveraging the powerful machine intelligence of Lab Me.

Blood Glucose Devices

Share your results with loved ones & health care professionals using Lab Me.

lab me home devices

Find Your Individual Normals & Benchmark Progress Over Time

Simple to use, anonymous storage with military grade encryption.

Your Normal Ranges

Normal ranges are not individual. Lab Me Analytics benchmarks your data and determines your normal range. This help avoid missing issues or incorrectly diagnosis,

Machine IQ

Driven by artificial intelligence, so your doctor can help faster while providing recommendations leading to the best possible outcome.

Early Detection

In time, your data will allow our engine to better detect if you are at high risk for a serious clinical event.

Remote Monitoring

Manage your families entire blood history or monitor a loved one from a distance. Share reports with doctors to get rapid second opinions.

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