The Truth About Your Health Is In Your Blood

Introducing: Lab Me's At-Home Blood Tests

Uncover metabolic, nutritional, or hormonal imbalances to take control of your health.

Easy to understand

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Accurate results


Discover something new about yourself

Understanding your health, training, nutrition, and diet has never been easier or more convenient. All the data you need, accessible anywhere from your phone or computer. At home blood testing and health tracking have never been so convenient

Predictive Statistics

Learn you risk of heart attack, kidney failure and more when purchasing an executive at home health test by Lab Me

Supplement & Medication Tracking

See how your medications or supplements are changing your blood virtually in real-time using at home blood testing

Accurate Results

Lower variability, higher accuracy & technologically superior to dry blood spot testing. Lab Me partners with CAP and CLIA certified labs used by hospitals and research facilities around the USA

Rapid Support

Our support team is fast and responds to your requests personally within hours - not days

Feeling healthy isn't the same as being healthy

Tracking your internal metrics allows your healthcare professional & you to see issues before they arise - such as diabetes, liver damage, kidney failure, heart disease and more.

Lab Me is a new way to take control of your health

Your blood is a wealth of information and can tell you a lot about your internal health. Lab Me gives you actionable and easy-to understand knowledge that can empower you to be your best.

Optimize Your Health with Biohacking Precision

Monitor the effects of your lifestyle, vitamins, and supplements on your body every month and save up to 25% on the most important test for athletes, biohackers, and health self-trackers.

Doctor Reviewed Results & Reporting

Our expert MDs not only sign off on your test, but they also 
review, report, and immediately reach out if something is critical.

Critical Value Alerts
Integrated Recommendations
Consultation & Prescriptions


How To Get Started Today

Order your Lab Me test

Choose a test that fits your specific needs. We automatically get an MD to sign off so you avoid sitting in a doctor's office or clinic.

Take the test at home

Collect your specimen in the morning (8am is best). Return your sample within 3 days, using the prepaid shipping label provided.

Get your results within 48 hours

Once your sample arrives in the laboratory, confidential results will be available from your secure online account within 48 hours.

Unparalleled Accuracy

To make the best decisions about your health, you need to have data that is accurate and advice that’s medically sound. The Lab Me medical team comprises qualified doctors, nurses, nutritionists and scientists who are experts in their fields, including endocrinology and sports medicine.

All of our at home blood testing is conducted in laboratories that hold the same accreditation required by any major hospital. We comply with the highest professional standards for data storage and security (SOK2 & HIPAA), so your personal information is safe at all times.

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Here's what health-conscious people
say about Lab Me.

"The report way exceeded my expectations lots of great suggestions"

Carl T.

"I use Lab Me to keep an eye on my liver while I am on my antibiotics,. I absolutely love the connivance ! Thank you."​

Jess M.

"I did your test and would like to say it was super accurate to my last LabCorp test. Only a slight variation. This is perfect for tracking. Thank you Lab Me"

Stephanie S.

"I use Lab Me to keep an eye on my liver while I am on my antibiotics,. I absolutely love the connivance ! Thank you."​

Jess M.

"The report way exceeded my expectations lots of great suggestions"

Carl T.

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