Benefits For A Person Getting A Blood Test With A LabMe Testing Kit

In conjunction with the advancement in the era, emerging disorders are also advancing. The onset of diseases is so quiet at the beginning, showing no symptoms and eventually becoming chronic, making treatment impossible. The only way to overcome this issue is to go with regular blood tests. But, it can be stressful to visit the laboratory for regular blood tests.

With your busy schedule in mind, several platforms offer home blood testing. However, finding the right site can be challenging. Among the best online blood testing sites, LabMe offers accurate and verified at-home blood tests. Let’s discuss why you should choose LabMe and the benefits for a person getting a blood test with a LabMe testing kit.

Which Blood Tests Are Offered By LabMe?

There is a wide range of blood tests offered by LabMe. The person should go under any of these tests depending on the symptoms he is experiencing. When you notice any abnormal activities in your body metabolism and cannot enjoy proper health, you must visit your doctor and undergo proper checkups.

After profoundly analyzing your symptoms, your doctor will prescribe a particular test. Then, depending on the nature of that test, you can buy your specific test from LabMe conveniently. Let’s look at the different kinds of blood tests offered by LabMe and a bit about their description.

Crucial At-Home Health Test

This test ensures healthy cardiac and hepatic functioning. By analyzing the lipids and cholesterol in your blood, Crucial Health Test makes you aware of any risky condition earlier to recover efficiently without delay.

At-Home Complete Blood Count

Blood Count tests can detect different blood disorders. By analyzing the number of blood cells in your sample, the healthcare professional can determine the blood disorder you are suffering from.

Most common blood disorders detected by blood count tests involve anemia, infections, and blood cancer. But remember, after getting a test report, you must seek consultations from medical experts to confirm the ailment you are suffering.

VitalOne At-Home Blood Test

This test enables you to find cardiovascular malfunctioning, inflammation, micronutrient deficiency, and hormonal disturbance in the body.

At-Home Baseline Health Test

This test makes patients aware of their cardiovascular, hepatic, and renal functioning. The Baseline health test detects different biomarkers indicating the normal or abnormal metabolisms of different body organs.

At-Home Testosterone Test

The total amount of testosterone in the male and female body is detected through this test. After knowing the value of testosterone in the blood, patients can discover the reasons for different health issues, including menstrual disturbance, hair growth, mood swings in females and erectile dysfunction, and other sexual disorders among males.

Executive At-Home Female Hormones Test

Females can evaluate the functioning of their adrenal glands, thyroid glands, and the release of other sex hormones through this test. Following the number of hormones in the blood, females can find different disorders, mainly thyroid disorders, through the Executive female hormones test.

Executive At-Home Male Hormones Test

The Executive male hormones test aids in determining baseline levels before hormone replacement therapy or for conditions such as estrogen dominance, hypogonadism, andropause, exhaustion, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and adrenal dysfunction.

At-Home Toxicity Test

The presence of any heavy metals and deficiency of micronutrients can be detected through a toxicity test. Knowing about the toxicity and deficiency of the minerals in the blood, patients can go with a specific treatment, thus boosting recovery.

At-Home Crucial Thyroid Test

Crucial thyroid tests ensure the proper functioning of thyroid glands by detecting the presence of thyroid hormones and other thyroid-stimulating substances. Diseases such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and autoimmune thyroid diseases can be evaluated through this test.

At-Home Comprehensive Thyroid Test

The Comprehensive thyroid test can tell you if you have high or low thyroid levels or if you have been exposed to bromine, arsenic, or mercury, which act as iodine and selenium antagonists. It further helps you in finding out thyroid-related disorders.

Other Tests Offered By LabME

Besides above mentioned blood tests, there are also some other types of blood tests offered by LabMe. You can thoroughly analyze all the blood tests and their findings by visiting LabMe and then decide which test is perfect for you. Here’re mentioned some other blood tests offered by LabMe to ensure your healthy life.

Blood Tests Description
At-Home Female Executive Wellness It detects any malfunction in the heart, liver, and kidney in females.
At-Home Male Executive Wellness It ensures the proper functioning of the heart, liver, kidney, and reproductive system among males.
At-Home Ferritin Test It helps in finding out iron deficiencies in the body.
At-Home Cortisol Test It analyzes the amount of stress hormone cortisol in the blood.
At-Home Overload Health Test This test is mainly recommended for athletes and helps in finding out different deficiencies.
At-Home Vitamin D Test This test helps find vitamin D deficiencies in the body.
At-Home TSH This test is mainly recommended for athletes and helps find out different deficiencies.

Why Should A Person Go For A Blood Test?

Many cases are reported where patients come to know about their disease at the end stage, where recovery becomes irreversible. Unawareness of the existing abnormalities is the leading cause of chronic disorders. It mostly occurs when patients ignore their health and don’t undergo regular blood testing.

Regular blood testing can help a person identify the fluctuation in the body’s metabolism at the very acute stage. Knowing the symptoms of these acute abnormalities, patients can easily treat the disorder after recommending the doctor. Blood tests help identify the amount, concentration, and size of different components in the body, further indicating healthy bodily functioning.

The most common bodily compounds that blood tests can easily identify include

  • Blood glucose level
  • Lipids
  • Cholesterol
  • Hormones
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Oxygen
  • Toxins
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Blood cells
  • Metabolized drugs
  • Genetic markers
  • Tumor markers, such as CA 125
  • Minerals such as sodium, calcium, and iron
  • Pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, and virus

Knowing the amount of these components, the risk of different health ailments such as infections, diabetes, anemia, toxicity, hypertension, and genetic diseases can be identified.

Why Should A Person Go For A Blood Test With A LabMe Testing Kit?

People often find it hectic to book an appointment, go to a laboratory, give a sample, and wait for the results. It is the main cause of why people avoid regular blood testing. To sort out this issue, different websites offer blood testing at home. But, finding the best site for going blood testing can be a difficult task. Let’s sort out this issue as well.

LabMe is a trustworthy site offering blood testing at home with accurate and verified results. Let’s look at some points that make LabMe the best choice over all other options.

Wide Range Of Blood Tests

LabMe offers a wide range of blood tests. You can go with any of your specific required tests on the recommendation. The different tests provide information about different compounds individually as well as multiple compounds together.

Affordable Blood Testing

At-home blood testing at LabMe helps their clients keep track of their health without getting out of the financial range. You can undergo your recommended blood test and get accurate results for further medical checkups at affordable prices.

Accurate Results

LabMe blood tests have lower variability and higher accuracy than dry blood spot testing. Lab Me offers clients accurate and verified test reports from CAP and CLIA-certified labs used in hospitals and research facilities.

How Does LabMe Work?

When choosing LabMe as your professional health testing site, you have to follow the few below-mentioned steps to proceed.

  • Analyze the required blood test according to your symptoms. You must buy a specific blood test based on your doctor's recommendation.
  • On receiving the blood test kit, you must give a sample within three days. Use the prepaid shipping label provided by LabMe to send your sample to the laboratory.
  • After completely testing your blood samples, your result will be available online at your secure LabMe account within two days.

How Can A Person Evaluate His Report Of A Blood Test With A LabMe Testing Kit?

You can evaluate your reports after consulting them reports with medical experts. For this purpose, you can also contact the professional team of LabMe and sort out all of your confusion. As soon as you consult the reports, seek medical attention and go for appropriate treatment if you feel you have a nearby disorder.

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