Lab Me follows a rigorous validation process to assure each biomarker is capable of meeting all precision and reproducibility before inclusion on our test menu.

We use a patented plasma membrane separation system that outperforms traditional dry blood spot cards.

Our approach includes the use of outside research laboratories for specimen collection to incorporate the variability of collected samples into our correlation and stability studies.




Easy sample collection

Stable and transportable at ambient temp

Ease of use with minimal training required

Bar-coded sample tracking

Small collection volume

Collection by finger stick

Quick drying for enhanced sample stability


Protection from humidity and contamination

Integrated collection and storage

College of American Pathologists (CAP’s) Laboratory Accreditation

We use CAP-accredited labs, and our partner labs maintain federal certification, state licenses (permits), and CAP accreditation. Our partner labs demonstrate laboratory proficiency through external and internal quality assessment.

We couple all of that with leading research to deliver your results in an easy to understand format that is accessible from your computer or mobile phone.

Download Our Research Data On Accuracy

Our Labs Are CAP, CLIA & FDA approved

Our most common tests are here but if you would like information for one not listed, let us know and we will send it.


It takes specialized knowledge and years of experience to develop and maintain micro sample analysis. Unlike other labs, our partnered medical scientists have over twenty-years combined experience in small volume collection techniques and specimen analysis.​

Integrated Data Workflows

Lab Me’s partner lab integration options provide flexibility and range from easy-to-use, Web-based applications to sophisticated integrated workflows.

Specimen Processing

All customer specimens are processed at Lab Me’s partner laboratories single site, centrally located in the heart of the Midwest. Samples arrive daily from all areas of the country. This centralization allows for industry-leading turn-around times on result delivery, consistency in testing quality across all consumer specimens, proactive and immediate oversight of all laboratory activities and personnel

Paperless Sample Processing

In the age of technology and security Lab Me integrates with partners using minimal information necessary to process participant specimens. Electronic sharing of basic identifying, criteria allows samples to be submitted for immediate processing, avoiding data entry errors, and improving the overall integrity of any returned data.


Results of a routine nature are reported within 48 hours from receipt at our partner lab. Turnaround times are based on standard operating schedules and conditions and could change, dependent upon requests. Some tests may, occasionally, require more time to complete due to unforeseen events or circumstances. We work closely with our consumers to ensure client success for long term relationships.


Lab Me offers many customizable result delivery options. We provide our users with a personalized dashboard that they can access online via mobile or desktop. You are also able to download a PDF report for any test. This allows for centralization and faster accessing of historical data. In return, our consumer’s healthcare providers benefit by being able to quickly view trends in Lab Me users dashboards.