What Are Blood Test Optimal Ranges and Why They are Important for your Health

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You have done the blood tests and your results are in. Knowing what are blood test optimal ranges can help you interpret your results for a better overall understanding.

Although your blood test results may show that they are in the normal range, they may still not be within the range that is optimal for your overall health and longevity.

Health is a complex issue and optimal ranges are a better indication of your risk of disease or life expectancy based on scientific evidence and clinical guidance.

You may not have a disease now and you may feel healthy. But feelings are often far different from what is really going on. Meaning, feeling well doesn't mean you are functioning for optimal health.

This article will give a high level overview of what blood test optimal ranges mean and why they are important for your health.

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Knowing the Difference Between Normal and Optimal Blood Test Ranges

If your blood test results come back in the normal range, this range is the range of values considered normal for a healthy person. These values are based on a bell curve that says that 95% of the population is normal and the 2.5% on either end are abnormal.

While these ranges can help doctors make diagnoses and decide on treatments, they don't indicate what is optimal for your health.

Normal ranges can help with diagnosis if something is outside of the normal range. These ranges don't reflect the complexity of health and how a value may link to your risk of developing a certain disease.

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What are Blood Test Optimal Ranges?

If you are wanting to take control of your health and make better decisions for your healthiest life, normal ranges are not going to tell you much.

An optimal range is based on whether that range is linked to a better health outlook. If you really want to optimize your health, looking at the optimal ranges for certain tests and tracking your results over time can help you make better personal decisions.

Interpreting Your Results for Optimal Health

Regular blood testing can help you take charge of your health. An annual blood test result of normal may indicate a lack of disease but you may still feel you are not functioning optimally.

By being able to interpret your results for optimal ranges, you can start to make the changes needed to bring your health back to its best. You don't need to wait until you are sick, or outside of the normal range, to fix your health.

To find your optimal range you need to look at where you are within the normal range of results. If you are within the high or low parts of the normal range, you may not be functioning optimally.

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Using unique tools like the Lab.Me range of highly accurate at-home blood tests can help you to identify levels that have greater risks for mortality and disease, so you keep track of and reach your optimal health goals.

Comprehensive tests such as the Female Wellness Test, Male Wellness Test, and Complete Blood Count are important tools for taking charge if your optimal health.

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