Why Should You Choose Lab Me as Your D2C At-Home Blood Testing Partner?

Why Should You Choose Lab Me as Your D2C At-Home Blood Testing Partner? - LabMe

Finding the right at-home blood testing partner can be confusing.

Healthcare clinics and the practitioners within them want to provide patients and clients with the best possible long-term outcomes.

Offering high-level care and guidance involves many facets and functions, from your medical expertise and guidance to your bedside manner.

Unfortunately, there’s often the feeling of playing a guessing game with a large number of your patients.

Many people only come to your clinic when they’re feeling ill or for not-regular-enough checkups. Unfortunately, such behaviors can lead to surprises. Often, these are glaring issues you could have caught if you saw these patients more often or tracked them more consistently.

In a perfect world, you could track everybody’s health on a day-to-day basis, and their visits to your clinic wouldn’t be so infrequent.

However, that’s not the reality of the world we live in. Many boundaries exist, whether it’s busy schedules, anxiety about the doctor’s office, or even not wanting to deal with traffic.

So, in the absence of constantly seeing patients and keeping them updated about crucial health indicators like biomarkers, where are healthcare providers supposed to turn?

The answer is teaming up with Lab Me as your at-home blood testing partner. Doing so will empower your patients to make informed decisions that vastly improve their long-term well-being.

D2C At-Home Blood Testing Partner

Use At-Home Blood Tests In Your Clinic to Promote Proactive Healthcare.

It’s time for your patients to stop being reactive to their symptoms. Such an approach is more akin to “sick” care than it is to healthcare.

On the above note, your patients shouldn’t only receive blood work when they’re not feeling well.

Medical professionals know the benefits of frequent blood testing and all the information it provides. The more often you can get patients to give you samples, the greater the chance to pick up on potential issues (e.g., early signs of diabetes, anemia, heart disease) and better mold their care routine for long-term success.

Ongoing blood tests paint the whole picture of someone’s overall health. It’s not a murky snapshot of a given moment, like when there are only sparse checkups and bloodwork to work from.

From here, both you and your patients can be proactive, heightening the chances for optimal health outcomes.

The above is what you’ll get with 3rd party at-home blood testing provided by Lab Me.

First, when you resell at-home blood tests, it removes the hassles typically associated with blood testing for the patient. Think appointment scheduling, driving, waiting rooms, results reporting, and having the results explained.

Moreover, the benefits reach you as a provider, too. By connecting with Lab Me as your at-home blood testing partner, receiving frequent samples will be streamlined and straightforward--here’s how:

What Does Lab Me do for Your Health Clinic as an At-Home Blood Testing Partner?

When you choose to resell at-home blood tests from Lab Me, it means you now have an at-home blood testing partner that handles the following tasks:

  • White labeling
  • Provide ordering APIs
  • Dropship at-home blood tests
  • Act as your 3rd party at-home blood testing provider

Now, the above features show what we can do on the retail end of things--and that’s a massive benefit. We aren’t here to create more work for your clinic. Instead, we want to cut into your workload while improving results for you and your patients.

But what about the other benefits to your clinic?

optimal blood test ranges

What Advantages Does Having Lab Me As Your At-Home Blood Testing Partner Give Your Health Clinic?

More Engaged Patients

The ease of use provided by our at-home kits encourages patients to take more of an active role in their health.

After we dropship at-home blood tests to your patients, it’s straightforward and seamless for them. They’ll receive 2 lancets to puncture their fingertip and a specimen collection device with one or two microcontainers to collect the samples.

They’ll also receive comprehensive instructions for sample collection.

This way, the specimen remains reliable and in good condition. Plus, we ship our kits with consent forms and prepaid packaging to send back to our lab.

Your patients won’t feel intimidated, which will - in turn - ensure they frequently provide samples and keep you in the loop with their overall health indicators and biomarkers.

Better Patient Outcomes:

Patients who track their biomarkers in regular intervals can better work with their healthcare providers to personalize their plans.

Your patients will make better-informed decisions with an increased understanding of levels such as cortisol, testosterone, inflammation, vitamin D, and other biomarkers. As such, your clinic will enjoy improved patient outcomes.

Increased Revenue:

Return on investment is crucial in a privatized healthcare industry. Our 3rd party at-home blood testing kits are reasonably priced, so you won’t have trouble selling them and increasing your profit margins.

Also, these kits are highly marketable. You’re promising patients better insight into their health all from the comfort of their own homes.

Keep in mind, we live in a day and age where people are far more proactive about their overall health. Today’s patients/consumers want to make informed decisions about their wellbeing.

Improved Service for Patients:

Patients are paying customers at the end of the day, and you want them to feel comfortable.

Forcing people to go out of their way to provide blood work isn’t really the height of convenience. As was said previously, factors such as traffic and long waits at a clinic are all deterrents.

Conversely, using Lab Me to dropship at-home blood tests removes the headaches and hassles from the process.

Word-of-mouth spreads around when you offer cutting-edge products and high-end services like a 3rd party at-home blood testing kit. Another way to put it is happy patients often lead to lots of new, happy patients.

Offer Your Patients the Care They Deserve. Resell At-Home Blood Tests From Lab Me.

As seamless as we make our at-home blood tests for our consumer-based clients, we make it even simpler for health clinics and doctors.

We’re here to help you thrive as a provider. So, we take immense pride in offering high-end services with an FDA-approved product that delivers accurate, expedited results.

Whether you need to perform diagnostics or monitor your patients, we’re here for you. Moreover, once you’ve chosen Lab Me as your at-home blood testing partner, you give your healthcare clinic a chance to thrive and flourish like never before, as will your patients.

Learn more about how your clinic can partner with Lab Me today.


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