What's Included In Your Lab Me At-Home Blood Test Kit?

Baseline Health Test

Lab Me uses the most advanced and accurate collection devices and sampling techniques available today. The at-home blood test kit contains a revolutionary device that separates blood from plasma automatically and allows for up to a 30 day transfer time before your sample begins to degrade. This is excellent considering occasional shipping issues all of America is experiencing due to the 10-year plan of USPS aka "The Death Spiral".

The process is simple and will take you around 5-10 minutes the first time you do a Lab Me at-home blood test and around 3-5 minutes for any future tests (kind of like learning to ride a bike).

The following tests contain the at-home blood test kit referenced below:

Executive (Male & Female)
Vitamin D

Please note that this at-home blood test kit is different from our premium tests (heavy metals, neurotransmitters, sleep scanner, comprehensive & crucial thyroid, & CBC).

The Lab Me at-home blood test kit contains:

1 x Collection Device
2x Safety Lancets
1 x Alcohol Pad
1 x Gauze Pad
1 x Return Mailer
1 x Band-Aid
1 x Instructions

at-home blood test kit

The most important part of the at-home Lab Me test kit is undisputed - the instructions. Please take your time to carefully read them to avoid having to re-do the test.
On the consent form, you will need to sign and date and also remove the UPC sticker and place it on the collection device (which is covered in the instructions).

You can read more about collecting your sample here and our customer support staff is ready to help you out!

So if you have any questions or concerns - contact us prior to performing the test.

We respond in less than 30 minutes on average.

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