The Top 3 Most Common Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

risk factors for prostate cancer

Growing older can bring up all kinds of worries for men, such as a higher risk for prostate cancer. But age is just one of the common risk factors for prostate cancer. Take control of your health by understanding your risk factors for prostate cancer and by tracking your health with the Lab Me Male Wellness at-home blood test.

Prostate cancer comes with some scary statistics. One in eight men will be diagnosed within their lifetime. One in 41 will die from it. 

Though serious, prostate cancer doesn't mean a death sentence. As with all cancers, early detection means getting the right care and a better prognosis.

The Top 3 Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

1. Age

The likelihood of getting prostate cancer increases with age. You are more at risk if you are over 50 and about 60% of cases are in men over the age of 65.

2. Ethnicity

Prostate cancer appears to be more common in black men, mostly African American or men of African origin.

3. Family History

There is an increased risk of developing prostate cancer if you have a family history. If your father or brother had prostate cancer you are two and a half times more likely to get it too. You may also be at higher risk if your mother or sister had breast cancer.

But family history doesn't mean you will get prostate cancer. There are other risk factors for prostate cancer such as diet, weight, smoking, exposure to certain chemicals and STDs that may play a role too.

If you fall into one of the groups with a higher chance of prostate cancer or are worried that your lifestyle may be putting you at risk, the Lab.Me Male Wellness Check checks your levels of Prostate Specific Antigens (PSA). Tracking your PSA over time helps in detecting deviations from your personal normal.

Information is key to taking charge of your health. Understand your PSA levels and what they mean with this free ultimate guide and spend less time worrying.

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