Looking For An Affordable EverlyWell Alternative?

EverlyWell Alternative

Finding good test-at-home solutions to match your needs can be an important step in taking control over your health and wellbeing. But are home tests from EverlyWell the best alternative out there?

At home, testing can give you vital information about your health. Testing over time means you can track your biomarkers, giving you a good picture of your overall health. With results sent directly to you, you always have access to personal data. At-home testing is a discrete and simple way to get the answers you need about your health.

You want to choose the best home testing solution to fit your needs. Here are some factors you to consider before choosing your preferred brand.

  • Range of tests
  • Number of biomarkers tested
  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use
  • Discretion
  • Available support

There are many companies now offering at-home testing kits, but before you commit to one, it is important to look at the pros and cons of each.

Is EverlyWell everything you need?

While EverlyWell offers a range of tests, they are best known for their food sensitivity tests. Although popular, there isn’t much evidence to support the validity or accuracy of such tests. Primarily focused on females, they also offer metabolism and hormone-related tests.

Their range of tests offers a discrete way to test for some things you may be uncomfortable discussing with a stranger. They offer free shipping and results within five days after your tests have reached their lab, cutting out the need to go anywhere or sit in a germ-filled waiting area.

In comparison, a good EverlyWell alternative like Lab Me offers the same convenient alternative to going in for tests but your results are available up to 48 hours after your tests arrive at their lab. And your results are available for you to view on your dashboard with notifications sent to you by email.

Both EverlyWell and Lab Me tests are done in trusted, CLIA-certified laboratories. Lab Me uses partner labs that are used by hospitals and clinics and practicing physicians, as are the EverlyWell labs.

But what about their range of tests? While EverlyWell offers a good range of tests, many of their tests have a singular focus. Lab Me’s tests are more extensive and their tests such as the Crucial Health Check and the Executive Health Check look at more biomarkers to cover a range of health conditions, allowing you to monitor multiple systems. These comprehensive tests are more convenient and affordable than singular tests that require taking multiple different tests to get the same amount of information.

An EverlyWell alternative with more biomarkers and more comprehensive tests

Lab Me’s comprehensive tests allow you to gather more information about your health in one test.

And understanding your results is simple with the personalized reports available on your dashboard.

They also offer executive health tests and wellness tests tailored for either men or women, because our bodies work differently.

And because it is easier to do one comprehensive test than multiple tests, Lab Me can offer predictive statistics and current information about your health and specific risks for certain diseases. You can also use these tests to help track and see if any medications, supplements, or lifestyle changes you have made are working or not.

Do costs have you looking for an EverlyWell alternative?

Even if prices were comparative, the cost of multiple individual tests can get very pricey compared to Lab Me’s more comprehensive tests. Because Everlywell’s tests are very modular, you will need to order and pay for multiple kits to get the same amount of information.

Lab Me offers multiple test boards that include up to nine tests. Not only is this more cost-effective but it also enables you to get a more holistic view of your health.

The advantage of at-home testing is that you can monitor and track your health over time with regular testing. With Lab Me's comprehensive tests, regular testing is affordable and easy. Lab Me also offers a subscription for regular testing, making it even easier to take control of your health, without huge costs.

Let's Get Checked is also in the running, however, many find that their customer service isn't timely. To add, if you wanted Lab Me's "executive" test from Let's Get Checked you would pay almost triple as their tests are not bundled conveniently.

Read more about Let's Get Checked here.

An alternative to Everlywell that offers holistic healthcare

Getting an overall and holistic picture of your health isn’t easy with EverlyWell, and the prices don't encourage consistent testing over time. Lab Me has a strong holistic approach to health and believes that self-improvement starts from within. Their subscription model means you can track your recovery, see if medication or supplements you are taking are working, get a better understanding of nutrition and how it affects your health.

You can track your health with easy-to-understand results, predictive statistics, and up-to-date reports on a good range of biomarkers.

When it comes to service, this singular alternative to EverlyWell wins.

An area that EverlyWell seems to fall a bit is with their customer service. With Lab Me as the EverlyWell alternative, they can't compete. Lab Me has put a lot of value on their ease of use and great service.

Right from the start, they have made staying in control of your health as easy as possible. When you choose a test to suit your specific needs, they automatically get a doctor to sign off, so you don’t have to waste time at a clinic or doctor’s practice. You can order your tests online and choose how often you would like a test, and your tests will arrive within a few days.

Besides being easy to use, Lab Me offers rapid support, and you can expect to get a response to your requests within hours rather than days.

When looking for a good EverlyWell alternative, remember to go through your list of considerations. You will find Lab Me ticks all.

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