Lab Me Analytics: An Ultimate Lab Test Software

Lab Me Analytics: An Ultimate Lab Test Software

Like any other industry, healthcare is not dependent on itself. This industry is ever-growing and not showing any signs to stop when it comes to face the challenges and find solutions for them. Lab test software is really a healthcare solution. The lab results software has been offering industry standard healthcare solutions over the past decades.

In order to stay ahead in this world of competition, technological innovation is something you always require. A laboratory can always avail the benefits with smart infrastructure by adding automation.There are many successful lab software examples. Lab test software can play a vital role to incorporate the system in all of the laboratories functioning well for better results.

These days, the medical lab results software has come a long way for functions relevant to sample management, such as workflow management, resource management.

So, it goes without saying it’s the right time to upgrade your clinical lab with lab test software. It will automate the important functions to maintain the overall workflow in the organization. Be sure to install online lab test software in your laboratory. This cloud-based system is really the best solution for many reasons.

What is Lab Test Software?

Lab Test Software is a program used for data management in a laboratory which helps in processing a large number of samples to manage the overall workflow in the laboratory.

Fig: Lab Me Analytics: An Ultimate Lab Test Software

With the help of lab test software, laboratories can integrate instruments, automate workflows, and manage samples and related details. In addition, labs can provide valid reports instantly and can keep track of data in various experiments. The lab test software falls into several categories –

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Clinical Chemistry Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Immunoassay System

Why to use Lab Test Software in Your lab?

  • Integrate in-lab instruments and systems
  • Workflow automation
  • Keep track of data from constant runs
  • Centralize data storage and access
  • Initiate data analysis downstream

Why Use Lab Test Software?

Lab Test Software is mainly used to improve the overall efficiency of sample management and processing. Hence, using Lab Test Software can quickly reduce the needs for manual work and it gradually improves efficiency and accuracy in analysis.

It can capture and process data and store it for reference. The proceeding process varies according to the vendor who is offering laboratory results reporting software.

Here are the stages of laboratory test software

  • Scheduling, assignment, and tracking of blood sample and workload for analysis
  • After the reception, a sample is logged in
  • Storage of sample data
  • Quality control and processing related to the sample
  • Approval, inspection, and compilation of sample data for further analysis and report generation

Types of Lab Information Modules in Clinical Labs

The blood test management software has come a long way over the years, i.e. from tracking samples to enterprise resource planning for specialty and clinical labs. Here are the phases a usual workflow plan for lab information system in a lab goes through –

  • Analytical – To test the samples.
  • Pre-Analytical – For the collection of specimen.
  • Post-analytical – Result review.

There are laboratory departments that use this module –

  • Immunology
  • Blood Bank
  • Hematology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Microbiology

Here are some of the common functionalities in the lab information system

With the advancement of technology, there are different functions of lab management software. Medical lab test software is built in order to support any process which is upcoming while working effectively on a set of specific functionalities, such as tracking sample, data collection, report generation, and data storage.

Here are some of its core functions –

Workflow Management

With lab test tracking software, there is a great need for workflow management along with record holding and sample management. The accuracy of the workflow system is not having the limits of data, but it calls for the on-point assessment of the process.

As the name suggests, workflow management assigns work and automate workflows if it is delegated well on the software. You just have to do the following things for better workflow management trough test lab management software

  • Configure the flow of the process of work for analyzing the sample
  • Enter ideal codes to direct the software for the work assignment
  • Assign additional instruments for specific work

Even, with the help of test lab scheduling software, workflow management can save time and conduct job precisely.

Fig: Workflow Management of Lab me software

Sample Management

The blood test analysis software was designed with an aim to help along the process of sample management which takes places in laboratories. When a sample is received in a lab and registered in blood test analyzer software, this system gets initiated. A lot of samples are analyzed and collected in a day. So, it's hard to record samples without the risk of confusion with other tests.

With this software, one can easily track sample if it is assigned and labeled well through RFID on barcodes or samples.

Here’s what blood test android software includes –

  • Details of the clinic/doctor who suggests analysis
  • Details of the patient
  • Analysis/tests required on the sample
  • Stages of destination and sample
  • Expected date for report generation
  • Storing procedure
  • Creating a record for the future purpose


Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) are the programs which stores and collects information on the medical history of a patient in the form of records which can be shared through various mediums of health care. A lot of blood test interpretation software programs come with in-built EHR/EMR systems. Using it with EHR will be very helpful to your lab as a real-time exchange of data which can be made possible with ease.

Why not use Offline Lab Test Software?

The offline version of LMS test lab software is the matter of the past. Here’s why you shouldn’t use offline software –

  • No facilities for mobile app
  • Not so user-friendly
  • Can generate reports. But patients get reports by visiting the premises directly.
  • Records of patients not synced with several locations
  • There is no chance to retrieve data in case of a server crash. So, there is less data security.
  • High maintenance
  • Future updates are not so easy to install.

There are some problems with the offline version of blood test machine software. Since it is not available 24x7, a collection of data can be stored in desktop only, raising chances of loss of data. Also, the offline version of this software is limited only to small laboratories that have only one clinical lab.

Why Choose an Online version of Lab Test Software?

The online version of lab test software is completely based on the cloud. Data can be viewed across the world if they get updated online. Keeping track on live instrument information with the right set of tools will help your company to make quick decisions with proper information and promote the timely delivery of results.

A manual, time-consuming process will be turned into an automated and quick process where there are no human errors in processing and collecting information, so the company can focus its resources on core functions and achieve great efficiency and productivity in work.

Here’s why you need to use online lab test report software

  • Storage of instrument data for auditing
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Get notified with future updates
  • Secure environment
  • Using mobile app to track updates

How to pick the right Lab Test Software?

Picking the best blood test results software relies completely on the need of lab as well as processes covered. You should know the best way in which the data of the user should be logged in and ways on how to analyze. You can find the best blood test tracking software according to your needs. Here are some of the requirements –

  • IT requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • Error handling
  • Interface
  • Data management

Similarly, it is always wise to have diagrams of business flow which will clarify the workflow process and requirements in the lab. It will help to take the systems and instruments involved in a lab which should be interfaced well with the software for a smooth workflow.


It is good to understand the needs of lab systems as the most important part of picking the right type of software. You cannot use lab software for mining gas and oil for the clinical laboratory. Before you invest in lab test software, be sure that the software fulfills all your laboratory needs.

From the process of data entry and sample collection, it also covers the process of saving and generating reports. Also, the functional needs should be listed and cross-checked clearly and regularly even after implementing this system. Here are some of the functional needs you need to ensure –

  • Lab Test Processing
  • Sample Collecting
  • Test Scheduling
  • Sample Tracking
  • Report generation
  • Instrument control
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Resource management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Accidental Prevention and Lab Safety measures

Future Upgrades

Consider your existing needs before choosing lab test software. It helps you make an apt choice. There is a scope for the evolution of lab management software according to the changing technologies and very convenient flow of work. You should look for a program from a vendor which is suited well for both your future and current requirements.

While seeking suggestions on the system improvement might be very late when lab test software has been implemented. List down the requirements and analyze it with your expert teams who can figure out improvements according to updates in future.

When it comes to tie up with B2Bs, add more location, NABL policy changes, a home collection module, etc, lab test software must be capable to adapt and upgrade the same. It will help ensure your business is on track with technology and can benefit from it when it comes to workflow management and productivity.

24x7 Customer Support

When it comes to pick lab test software, look for the one with round-the-clock customer support. In case you face any problems, you can simply connect with customer support personnel anytime and anywhere and resolve the issues immediately.

Mobile App

Using lab test software is the best way to automate lab functions. It means one can easily complete the process of sample analysis and more efficiently. Mobile apps can further improve workflow management. Lab Me Analytics helps approve data of pathologists on the go.

It is very useful and efficient for both doctors and labs. It saves most of the time on workflow management. In a mobile app, the automation of clinical approval can be helpful to make a quick decision. It is the best way to pick the best lab test software. It should be cost-effective to your laboratory, but you don’t have to miss on the vendor credibility or quality when picking the best lab test software.

Data Security

Data security is very important for any industry, especially the one which has report generation and storage of patients’ data. Lab test software is implemented especially to make process secured and easier to protect the patient data against misuse. Hence, it should improve the knowledge base of the system in your lab by sharing information through different departments in an organization.

Why Invest in Lab Test Software?

Lab test software is a very effective tool to make the processes easier in modern laboratories by automating them. Being an all-inclusive program, such as ERP tools, lab management program, and virtual software, and data analytics tool, Lab Test Software works well on the lab informatics. When each of the operations can be done manually, here are the reasons you should rely on lab test software -


Above all, the first and most important part of lab test software is accuracy. Lab management is really a very challenging and tedious process, which covers a lot of stages. So, there is a high risk of improper readings, data mismatch, and wrong updates when it is handling manually. So, you need lab test software for automatic management to keep records up-to-date.

Centralized access to data

Lab test management software can make it easier to access patient reports and records. Hence, any verification or referencing of patient data can be done quickly or shared with technicians, clinicians, and others in a jiffy. In addition, it updates crisis situations and critical values automatically to ensure quick attention to critical cases.

Ensure peace of mind with instant updates

You really don’t have to move around when it comes to obtaining lab test results. Patients can get updates automatically through email or SMS. This software can send test results as emails or SMS with PDF. The software is providing proper information to the patient about the progress of lab testing over time which helps affirm about the process and gain confidence. It also conducts invoicing when it comes to process.

Work with instruments

Lab report software can conduct testing and analysis on clinical instruments directly. And lab test software can quickly achieve the test results from an instrument and store the same in its database which can be reviewed, shared, and maintained on the go. It avoids requirement for handling manually which has high risks of errors and can be very time-consuming.

Tracking sample

Lab test software keeps the track record of samples at the time when samples are collected. Some of the records maintained are phenotypic information, clinical reports, and freezer location. Freezer location is provided in detail in most cases, such as a column, row, rack, shelf and box that are specified well.

The software maintains a complete track record of all thaw cycles and freezes cycles. Also, there is a lab technician/clinician, who is managing the sample, details of collection center, and sample movement monitoring. With these details, lab test software is 100% sure that the sample doesn’t get lost or mismanaged at any time during the whole course of the process.

Smooth workflow

Record maintenance and workflow can automate well to save more time. As the process is coded with this software, it gives instructions about the next instruments to use. The technician may have to handle the next stage, etc. This way, manual intervention to direct record movement or instruction and tracking are cut largely. Simply speaking, lab test software can assign and manage works to a lab technician and make process stress-free as a whole.

Faster Access

Both patients and doctors can easily access the lab management software with their login portals. It has specified templates to send and generate invoices for labs and patients. In addition, it can easily create a comparative analysis with ease and convenience to set against patient history and last reports to enable faster workflow.


Lab management program can serve productively and improves results. The lab results are shared among the users automatically. We can easily access patient history. The reports are syncing with EMR of the physician for easy access. Automatic alerts and updates are shared without any manual intervention in critical cases. As a result, it can also enable digital signature and reduces the wait time for physical document approval.

Improve TAT

When the sample is collected, the overall time needs from the beginning to the reports sharing with clinicians and patients for the next process is lower. Also, this can reduce manual handling, error, and the need for cross verification at different points.

This lab management software calibrates and manages medical instruments well that are connected well with it and it can also update automatically in case of alarming reports and readings. It further improves the time of the whole process.

Best Quality Control measures

During the course of testing, a machine-based analysis may need calibrations and change at any time. With proper quality control measures, it is very simple to identify variations. Simply speaking, quality control ensures precision and accuracy of data.

In addition, its results are stored in the form of database and one can set it over actual results and enable total control over errors or deviations. Also, with lab accreditation like NABL, you can have guaranteed workflow and quality of results.

Lab Me Analytics – The Future of Lab Testing

A lot of healthcare software programs work on old and inefficient client-server systems that are accessible from networks with desktop computers on premises. This way, Lab Me Analytics complete redefines how clinics and hospitals are managing. It can take healthcare management to a whole new level.

You can have a fully integrated management suite in the cloud-based platform to offer a secure, robust, and best solution to meet your needs.

We are passionate both about healthcare and technology. With decades of experience in healthcare technology, healthcare, Customer Service, Marketing, Information Management, etc. Also, our team has the knowledge and understanding to meet the challenges in the healthcare industry.

Lab Me Analytics offers easy to use Pathology Reporting Program for Medical Labs. Also, It is a single module which can fit easily with all systems with proper reporting. Finally, you can fully customize the reporting according to laboratory needs.

Here’s what you will get –

  • Doctor-specific templates – You will have templates that are made according to the physician’s needs. It generates reports automatically to save time from manual intervention.
  • Auto Alert – In case of abnormal reports, you can enable abnormal alerts without any human errors.
  • Add formula – You can add formulas for results. The final value could calculate on the basis of machine result and formula. You don’t have to calculate manually.
  • Historical chart – With this feature, you can see the trend for a specific test over a time period. It may apply to any test.

Along with these features, Lab Me Analytics is used to send smart notifications. It enables us to send notifications automatically to the customers about their test results. Also, they can access lab notifications through SMS or email and the test report can send directly from the notification module.

It means patients will notify when results are ready. Hence, you don’t have to call the doctor’s office for follow-up. You can also provide digital signatures on lab results. There is no need to seek manual signatures and printouts. You can get reports in PDF form. All in all, it helps both doctors and patients to make informed choices.


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