Improve and Ensure Your Lab Reports Progress with Lab Me Analytics

Improve and Ensure Your Lab Reports Progress with Lab Me Analytics

A lab reports management program efficiently supports patient report management and operations in a pathology lab. This automation system manages and stores the record of doctors, patients, reports, and tests with packages and samples. Hence, the pathologies can manage the transactions effectively and writing lab reports for revenues earned and business insights.

Fig: Your Lab Reports Progress with Lab Me Analytics

The software provides analytical data which is helpful in decision making. This way, pathology reporting software improves the efficiency of all the departments. Also, it ensures better customer support at fewer efforts and low costs.

Lab Me Analytics stands out of other lab management programs in terms of custom software development and overall design. So, from the front desk to delivery of reports, Lab Me Analytics is a complete solution to manage lab report better and to keep track of lab report progress.

Lab Me Analytics – Designed for Your Success

Lab Me Analytics serves as an integrated solution offering the industry’s best user-configurable features. Also, it offers the best solution to existing requirements and it can be adapted well according to your business needs.

The software is committed to open standards, which means it can comply with your current computing environment and will also adapt to your future needs. Even better, the users of Lab Me Analytics can easily upgrade to the latest versions and implement the latest technology without having the needs to reconfigure it. As a result, it features a different software enhancement program offers added value as a new product with functional modules.

Lab Me Analytics Specialization

All in all, Lab Me Analytics features all the conventional ELN and LIMS concepts and further extends them with complementary technologies and capabilities. In addition, it can be done with smooth and complete integration. This system meets diverse laboratory needs. As a result, it becomes an all-inclusive system to meet the diverse standards of a modern laboratory. For the users, here are the benefits of using Lab Me Analytics –

  • Improved efficiency and low costs
  • Improved compliance and quality
  • Higher transparency of lab test status
  • Flexibility to fulfill new requirements

If you are no longer satisfied with your existing lab test software or it no longer supports the computing system, you should switch to Lab Me Analytics. It is a modern, proven, and comprehensive system for your laboratory. So, rather than upgrading or maintaining an outdated and poor quality system, it is better to invest in advanced and latest lab management system like Lab Me Analytics.

Lab Me Analytics has been designed with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your lab reports progress. You can count on this upgradable and flexible system which delivers the best results at low cost. Hence, most customers who rely on this platform, are having up-to-date systems to meet their diverse needs.

Lab Me Analytics – Key Features

Lab Reports

Fig: Lab Me Analytics – Key Features

Complete Order Management

Lab Me Analytics allows users to do so many things including:

  • Place orders for samples
  • Register samples,
  • Print bar-codes
  • Assign sample locations
  • Record data of the samples
  • Integrates with lab equipment and assign collection staff and to ensure absolute automation in your laboratory management.

Apart from the above activities, the user can also handle the following features:

  • Order Management – The software manages the whole life-cycle from requesting the order to notification of lab results.
  • Result Approval Process – After approval from the lab, results are shared with patients.
  • Official App – Plan for sample collection and update the data in real time with Android and iOS app.
  • Unlimited profiles and tests – You can have complete control over profiles and tests and create the desired number of tests.
  • Generate bar-codes with one click by integrating it with a bar-code printer.

Fully Customized Reports

Lab Me Analytics is a user-friendly lab reporting software to ease the process in diagnostic labs. This individual module is suitable for all systems to perform synoptic reporting. Also, the users can fully customize the reports according to the laboratory needs.

  • Create a lab report template on the basis of gender of the patient. Therefore, this software generates lab reports automatically according to the recorded patient information.
  • Generate lab reports example customized for your doctors. Also, the software generates the report automatically to save time for changes manually.
  • You can enable auto abnormal notification to avoid the chances for any human error.
  • Add Derivative Values/Formula for test results with ease. Similarly, you can compare the final value on the basis of machine result and formula. Hence, you no longer have to do any calculation manually.
  • The software also shows historical chart and trends for a specific test you have done over a time period. Hence, you may apply this feature to any test.

Smart Alerts

You may easily send automatic alerts to your customers about lab reports. Likewise, this software can send lab notifications like SMS or email of reports from automated notification module.

  • The software can send SMS to patients once lab reports are ready. Hence, you don’t have to call patients manually.
  • It also includes an option to provide digital signatures on lab reports. So, no manual signatures and printouts needed!
  • Send an automated email and SMS alerts on test progress
  • Send PDF reports through email to your patients.

One-Click Invoice Generation

Lab Me Analytics software offers various options for invoice generation and payment for Franchise, Credit Providers and Corporate Vendors and Suppliers.

  • Generate Invoice according to Rate Plan for Franchise. So, you no longer need to perform any manual calculation. Also, you can generate the invoice at any time.
  • Generate Invoice as per Rate Plan for Outsourcing Lab and raise the invoice at bill level or for around a certain period of time.
  • Login Ids are provided to B2B to view usage info and take printout. So, you can easily avoid paperwork.
  • You can have total control over your expenses. Set the hard limit to limit orders at the system level. Hence, you can allow both postpaid and prepaid payment with this software.
  • Settle and calculate referral incentive with one click. Also, you can calculate referral from the bill automatically.

Reports on the go

Lab Me Analytics is a complete Lab Information Software which displays the data from the app automatically. All of the reports are available right away and are pre-configured well.

  • Detailed report on Turnaround Time according to test and data is available in detail.
  • Users can view all outsourced tests as per the current status. As a result, you can monitor the data Test wise, Patient wise, and Lab wise.
  • You can view all of the tests that are referred out with actual status. Also, you can see the date-wise trend off the report.
  • The software allows you to see and export all of the past orders. Also access the detailed views by patient, date, by the consultant, and by machine.
  • The app features MIS for Android and iOS. Hence, you don’t have to use your computer to view data. You can also export the data to Excel on the go.

Make Informed Decisions

With Lab Me Analytics, you can provide details about the use of your lab assets. It is the best-in-class lab test software gives quick access to your data.

  • It displays frequently delayed tests, including order creation to updating order results and lab technician in charge.
  • Displays referrals with most revenue and it helps determine the pattern of referrals.
  • It displays which tests are frequently ordered and helps arranging additional staff and types of equipment. Also, the software can share the most revenue-generating B2B and helps set the credit limit. also displays new patients over time and helps plan out your marketing activities.

Why Go with Lab Me Analytics?

  • Displays real-time expenses, revenue, tests, and other important data
  • Displays all orders of the lab as well as their status
  • It gives details on sample collection and updates status directly from the app
  • Access the whole MIS data on the go
  • You can approve lab orders directly from the app
  • The app offers multi-location support

Lab Me Analytics – Reporting Process

Lab Me Analytics involves everything in the process from front desk to delivery to automate and manage your business.

Front Desk

Get your front desk automated and manage all workflows with configurable forms, automatic communications, and online payments with Lab Me Analytics.

  • Decentralize Bookings and Sales - Manage your bookings, sales, and collections in diverse locations with fully customized price lists that are applied as it is.
  • On the go sales bookings – End-to-end experience with separate logins for hospitals, collection centers, and corporate organizations.
  • Configurable Price Lists – You can manage multiple and separate price lists for various organizations which get applied automatically at the time of booking.
  • Manage appointments – With this lab test software, you can manage your appointments and bookings.

Complete Management of Patient Data

Manage all your patient data, customize workflows and deliver best diagnosis experience –

  • Easy to configure forms – You can fully customize patient registration form to meet your business needs and make sure you never get incomplete registrations.
  • Stress-free collection of online payments – With automatic pay-outs and payment gateway integrations, you can collect payments from patients on the go. In fact, patients can also check their reports on the app once their dues are settled.
  • Automated Emails/SMS – You can automate all of the communications and keep your stakeholders informed effortlessly, i.e. from welcoming patients to getting them notified about reports delivery and status.


Lab Me Analytics is designed to automate lab operations with robust and smooth. Just from managing blood samples to utilizing machines with rules, you can generate reports automatically and deliver them to the patients.

Sample Management

Generate sample labels automatically according to your sample codes and types. Lab Me Analytics helps segregate, manage, and reject samples on the basis of specified checks.

  • Color coding on detecting samples – Manage varied sample types with color coding for each type of sample so you can sort with ease.
  • Huge range of barcode labels – You can choose from various sample labels which can meet your operational needs. So, Lab Me Analytics makes it easier to print reports and manage samples directly using the app.
  • Sample Tracking in Real-Time – You can keep your stakeholders and patients on track by sharing sample status in real time.

Makes Reporting Easier

Customize reports in any of your desired format that can match your business requirements with ease. Similarly, you can set rules and calculations for reference ranges on the basis of age and gender.

Easy to configure reports – Customize your report formats with ease or you can choose from predefined formats of scientific reports as per your business needs.

Configurable reference ranges – You can easily configure reference ranges on the basis of age group and gender and set ranges through months, days, and years.

Track their past results – You can view the current results of patients as per the last report status and make better and informed decision by comparing both reports.


You can authorize reports by setting specific rules for your in-house team of doctors, i.e. from specific rules of the department to minimum rules for authorization.

Digital signatures – Enable your doctors to prepare reports from the app with a click and manage your access and patients’ signatures.

The secure signing of doctors – Manage the signatures of your doctors privately and securely with detailed audit logs for each signature. Also, you can independently sign the doctors and have complete rights on signatures.


With an improved focus on automation, you can deliver more to your patients for less. Also, automate your business to enable fast checkups, reduce expenses and continuous tasks.

Automate Your Instruments

Integrate Lab Me Analytics completely to your instruments and get reports from such instruments. Manage your instruments with the bi-directional interface, so your employees can help patients and work with healthcare providers.

  • Automate results and interface instruments with patient reports and avoid manual errors on data entry.
  • Transform into automated and digital operations to increase the productivity of the workforce.

Smooth Digital Experience

Lab Me Analytics is the first-ever end-to-end and complete report delivery system. Hence, it should be enabled for all stakeholders and deliver the completely digital experience.

Payments and Finance

Finance is inter-connecting to your operations and it is an important part of the business. Also, the user can have better financial control over your operations –

Finance Analysis

The project, analyze and plan well with in-depth statistical charts which can give the visual presentation of financial information.

Daily information and finance on an official app

This app provides real-time business insights so you can stay updated and monitor your businesse in real time.

  • You can get a quick overview of business and operational insights
  • It displays your sales summary with organizations and referrals
  • Get the information about your collections of online payment
  • Keep track of unpaid and paid businesses.

Consolidated reports in different locations

It is not that simple to manage finance updates and it really gets difficult with growing business. Also, you can get financial and business reports in different locations.

  • Location-based details – You can get location-based updates on your app directly. So, you will never lose track of your business.
  • Multi-location tracking – You can share your business summary in different locations as Excel, MIS or PDF in a click.

Maintains Audit Logs for everything

It is very vital managing healthcare information. Even a small error can cause serious problems that make it harder to trace the root cause of the problem. Therefore, Lab Me Analytics is maintaining active logs regarding sample, reports, bills, and payments and provides a clear and detailed audit trail.

  • Trace-ability – Find detail logs for specific bills, reports, and payments with details on what and when was edit over time.
  • Consider erroneous changes – Identify error in data instantly with details about changes over time. It has become easier to make corrections with an accurate audit trail.

Benefits of Lab Me Analytics

Lab Me Analytics is the first choice for hundreds of diagnostics centers and labs. Hence, this lab automation software has been designed to deliver more value to doctors, patients, and organizations.

Improved Patient Experience

This digital platform has been proven to improve patient experience with clear communication to drive retention.

  • It provides seamless patient experience, i.e. from booking home collections to getting reports and making payments on the go.
  • Features integrated online payment system, so patients can make payments from the app and check reports exactly when they are prepared.
  • Provides option to the patients by sharing feedback exactly on the app.

Stay Connected

Easy interface and mobile apps provide seamless connectivity to the business all the time.

  • Save your turnaround time with the quick delivery of reports to doctors, patients, and organizations.
  • You can manage all locations with the mobile app and through the web and keep track of all activities.
  • Also, can access patient data on the go.

Long story short, Lab Me Analytics saves cost with accelerated ROI by automating consistent processes with efficient data management. As a result, it automates workflows to perform error-free operations.


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