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98 million Americans track their health using a digital tool.

Tracking steps, sleep, nutritional information is useful, but it doesn’t tell you how it’s changing your health within. Sure, you might have subjective input such as “I feel better,” but a feeling is far from a certainty.

Over time, we have become compulsively obsessed with complexity.

Simply put, we keep looking for the flashy new thing, and it distracts us from paying attention to what’s already there.

Researchers are discovering that each of us walks around with 1.5 gallons of what may be the most sophisticated and revealing diagnostic available. Each drop teems with data, not just about your current state of health but also about what your future might hold.

It’s the most critical front line diagnostic concerning your health; your blood. Primary blood data contains information that is hundreds of times more informative than your DNA.


Your Time Is Money


The traditional system of getting your blood tested involves multiple time consuming and costly steps. To start, it requires making a call to your doctor, & getting the appointment set up. While this seems harmless, on average, it can take up to 2 weeks plus requiring you to reorganize your daily routine. Add in kids, family, work, or school obligations, and you quickly see the issue.

Now add in driving and waiting rooms and you start to see the time costs involved.

Let’s break that down into genuine dollars…

Start with the fact that Americans make, on average, $27.16 an hour. Now, the drive times to see a doctor (34 minutes one way) and waiting room times (30 minutes), and we’re already at 1 hour and 38 minutes. In other words, that $44 of your time only in driving and waiting.

It doesn’t stop there, though. It took you calling and making the appointment, and time spent during the consultation. In total, it adds up to about $180 of your time.

And that’s before you have even been to the Lab! It’s merely getting the prescription you need to visit the Lab.

The Average Cost Of Lab Work In The USA


It’s estimated that the total cost for uninsured routine blood check-ups can run between $600 to $1500 in the USA. You end up getting a single test, that isn’t tracked historically, and is difficult to understand without medical knowledge.

The total time can be up to one month in many cases.

blood work testing from home lab me

With Lab Me, it takes our users on average 7 minutes to select the test they want and order it online.

Our system gets the MD approvals needed for the patient, virtually instantly and sends out the testing kit to the individual. They then can perform the test themselves and send it back (pre-paid envelope) and have their results on mobile or desktop within 48 hours of the Lab receiving it.

Total time with Lab Me is on average 1.5 weeks and with a cost savings of hundreds. Tests average from $49 up to $149 per test depending on what you want.

Put simply, it can save you at minimum $180 using Lab Me.

Although here is where things get interesting…


When you get your blood work done on the day, it’s a snapshot at that moment.

Maybe you had a stressful week, changed your diet, or started a new supplement. You don’t know. Yet, so many clinical decisions are made every day using that single snapshot.


Metaphorically it would be like Warren Buffet deciding not to look at historical charts of stocks to determine their trend. Instead, placing investments (more like bets now) on merely the data of the day.

Your blood work contains information that is telling you about what your future health might hold.

However, to get the complete picture, you need to listen to the information over time to hear what it is telling you. That information can tell you if treatments or medications are working. It can tell you how your dietary changes are affecting you. It can give you information that can assist you in making decisions that lead to a longer, healthier life.

Tracking your blood work isn’t a new thing, but excel spreadsheets don’t inspire most of us. Neither do the associated costs, time, and waits. When was the last time your blood work was pulled up and historically investigated by your healthcare professional?

Help Your Doctor Rather Than Rely On Your Doctor


Don’t roll the dice with your health. Understand it so that you can make better decisions. Share it with your doctor so they can make better decisions.

Lab Me’s Executive test kit tracks biomarkers related to heart diseases, stress, bone integrity, immune function, heart disease, liver damage, and more. The cost is $118 if you purchase a bi-annual subscription (you pay every 6 months and get two tests a year).

Imagine for .64 cents a day or $19 a month, never needing to leave the comfort of your home, make multiple appointments, wait in a mind-numbing waiting room, or have a needle miss a vein numerous times, leaving you looking like a pincushion.

Think its expensive still? Then just wait till the bill comes when things go wrong.

At this stage, if you aren’t getting the big picture, we aren’t right for you, and that’s okay.

However, for those that are getting it, you understand that you have one body and being proactive is better than being reactive. More importantly, critical thinkers understand data can drive better-informed decisions. For those people, we know you are going to love this.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars, waste countless hours only to not have an incomplete picture.

Instead, save hundreds of dollars, forget the waiting room, and save a vein.

Looking back from your future to now, you will at some stage wish you had started tracking your blood work. It may not be today or tomorrow, but one thing is for sure…

The day will come when you wish you (or your doctor) could see your blood history.

After all, it could help you doctor make a clinical decision that might just save your life.

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