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Mark Koster states in his blog, "If you are tracking other aspects of your life, then

I recommend tracking your blood too.

Blood testing will tell you if you have a disease (or predisposed to one), how your organs are functioning, the effectiveness of medicines, supplements, or fitness regimes, or even if you are pregnant."

Before examining the many benefits of our blood work tracking app, we’ll first discuss the value of blood tests.

Blood testing is often used as a diagnostic tool when doctors pick up on specific symptoms, helping catch various diseases and medical conditions. Furthermore, it’s used to monitor patients with preexisting conditions such as leukemia, diabetes, anemia, HIV, heart disease, or kidney disease.

However, getting your blood tested shouldn’t be a reactive measure.

Yes, if something seems wrong, you should ideally get your blood tested. Still, receiving proactive, regular blood tests is how healthy people stay healthy people.

Receiving tests in routine intervals helps you and your doctor stay on top of any changes in your body. With the information learned through consistent blood work, you’re empowered to make informed decisions to improve your well-being.


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How Often Should You Get Your Blood Tested?

This depends a lot on the reason why.

At a minimum, you should consider getting your blood tested once per year.

However, even people in good health can go the extra mile and ramp up how often they receive blood work. In doing so, you’ll keep track of HDL/LDL cholesterol, for instance, helping with improving your overall nutrition and fitness plan.

Receiving more frequent blood work also decreases the risk of diseases and complications. It helps doctors catch red flags and early indicators of diseases such as heart, lung, and kidney conditions.

The Critical Advantages Of Tracking Blood Work.

Being consistent with your blood work - whether you’re dealing with an existing condition or doing so as a wellness measure - gives the doctor more information about you. Therefore, they can provide better healthcare.

Realistically, healthcare is most successful when the patient is an active participant, augmenting their doctor’s efforts.

This approach could lead to your doctor writing a cholesterol prescription that helps prevent a heart attack in the long term. Or, your doctor might notice trends that indicate a more severe underlying disease, catching it during its infancy.

Blood work also tracks what’s going on inside your body, not only what you’re doing outside of it.

While steps, calories, and hours slept offer value, they are external factors, not reactions occurring in your body. Thus, they won’t provide factual information about your overall health and current state of wellbeing.

Look at it like this: taking 10,000 steps a day might be healthy.

But finding out about an iron deficiency in your blood points you and our doctor in a specific direction (e.g., it could mean adding more iron to your diet). Moreover, such deficiencies are likelier to be caught through consistent, streamlined blood testing that tracks trends over time.

Why Has it Historically Been Hard to Track Your Bloodwork?

Getting your bloodwork done regularly is the first step to maximizing your overall wellness and health.

But merely getting the work done is only the tip of the iceberg. Maximizing the value offered by your blood test means staying on top of the results. This way, you and your doctor can more easily notice trends that might be impacting your behaviors.

In generations past, that meant getting your hands on the paperwork and making sure not to lose it. You’d need to establish some type of filing system that made it easy to access your results.

Sifting through pages upon pages of these results when you want a complete picture of your health can be daunting and clunky.

Whereas having your bloodwork consolidated at your fingertips, so you can access it any time and place, makes all the difference. And that’s what you’ll get with the Lab Me app for tracking blood work.

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How Does Lab Me Work?

Your Lab Me test kit comes with the following:

  • 2 lancets (to draw blood from your fingertip)
  • A device for specimen collection and/or 1-2 microcontainers
  • Thorough instructions on successful sample collection
  • Prepaid packaging to send the sample back to the Lab Me laboratories

Note that you’ll sign a consent form and that Lab Me kits are FDA approved and CE compliant, making them safe, standardize, and traceable.

Lab Me Works On Your Schedule

Lab Me’s at-home test kits - and app - for results tracking eliminates trips to the doctor to track your blood work.

Generally, people associate at-home blood work with a condition like diabetes. Those without a pre-existing condition usually need to set up an appointment, take off work, and deal with the whole runaround.

Our app and overall system empower you to take your sample on your own time, removing a boundary that prevents many people from receiving regular bloodwork.

Lab Me Augments Preexisting Conditions

With the waiting rooms and doctor’s offices no longer part of the equation, people with existing conditions will have an easier time with symptom management.

For instance, you’ll have information about whether your prescriptions are doing their job. Plus, sharing that information with your doctor or pharmacist is made seamless with our app.

Lab Me Helps You Be Proactive with Your Health and Wellness

Since you aren’t waiting for yearly blood tests and can automatically receive sample results, you can track overall wellness with little added effort.

Through Lab Me’s automated app, you’ll receive prompt biomarker profiling, offering insights into your body’s functionality. Plus, you’re doing everything from the comfort of your own home without extended fasting, driving, or waiting.

You’ll also garner a further understanding of how your body races and recovers. And you’ll receive advice relevant to your overall health.

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Lab Me Provides Accurate Results

At Lab Me, we are CLIA and CAP-accredited. In other words, we’ve reached the highest standards of accuracy and repeatability with each biomarker. This standard is used by the US hospital system.

We blend convenience and quality assurance, automatically providing you with results as reliable as any doctor.

Lab Me Prioritizes Your Privacy

Digitalizing and automating any process will always raise eyebrows when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy.

Lab Me clients don’t need to worry about privacy or security. Our tracking system keeps samples, results, and information entirely secure. The only people who’ll have access to your data are our doctors and team of scientists.

Furthermore, we encrypt your data, storing it on USA-based ISO accredited servers.

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Blood Test Tracking Has Entered the Future

Years ago, before the digital transformation, tracking your blood work meant rifling through endless paperwork. Plus, you could only get bloodwork done at the doctor’s office.

Now, with Lab Me’s groundbreaking blood test tracking app, you can stay on top of your results all from the comfort of your home. No paperwork and no trips to the doctor are needed. And everything is available to you, automatically and in one place.

Check out Lab Me's at-home blood tests today.

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