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  • CBC tests are commonly ordered by doctors to check on patients' health status. They are also used to monitor treatment response and detect certain types of cancer.

    Anemia is a condition where the number of RBC decreases below normal values. The causes of anemia include low iron stores, kidney disease, and bleeding disorders.

    The CBC test can be done at home with a simple finger prick. It takes about 10 minutes and costs $10-$15.

    What Is A CBC?

    A CBC test is a blood test that checks your WBCs, RBCs, and platelet counts. These numbers give information about how well your body’s organs are working. Your doctor will order this test if you have symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pains, headache, dizziness, or confusion.

    How Does It Work?

    A CBC test uses a needle to draw blood from your arm. You may feel some pressure as the needle goes in. Once it's out, you'll need to apply a bandage over the site.

    You should not eat or drink anything after midnight before the test. If you do, you could get sick. Drink plenty of water during the day leading up to the test.

    After the test, you may experience bruising, itching, swelling, or warmth around the area. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

    Why Do I Need To Have One Done?

    Your doctor might recommend having a CBC test done when:

    - You're experiencing any type of infection

    - You've had surgery recently

    - You're taking medications that affect your immune system

    - You're pregnant

The CBC test at-home blood test from Lab me is a pioneering product in direct-to-consumer health. Taking this test should be done carefully and patiently to avoid any errors.cbc test

Video Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Differ From Other Lab Me cbc test?

We use a micro-capillary system rather than a cassette for blood collection. Both are finger prick and as accurate as going to the lab and having blood drawn from your vein

How To Perform cbc test- What if I Mess It Up?

Once we get the order processed - WATCH THE video instructions CAREFULLY ABOVE on how to perform.cbc test

If for some reason you do the test incorrectly, you will be asked to pay for shipping and handling of a new test kit + shipping ($45 dollars/FedEx overnight). You won't be charged the full cost of the test.

There are NO refunds of any type on this test.

That being said we send a couple of micro-tubes for collection - just in case. 😉

DO NOT do it on a Friday or Saturday - as the lab is closed on the weekend! And the return sending is for overnight delivery.

When Will It Be Delivered?

Please give us 3-5 days to process this order/test kit.

In addition, as stated this test is highly specific and also a new product - so we need to prepare it properly. It will NOT come in a branded Lab Me box as we are printing new ones for this test kit specifically. We use multiple labs - so it will most likely be in a box from one of our partner labs.

Tracking is not provided automatically. Our customer care team will email you the tracking number once it has been shipped.


Some advice from customers that have used the Lab Me at-home CBC.

“My advice is to go slow, don’t rush. It’s easier than it seems at first. I don’t like blood and I did fine. So this is probably the easiest CBC you’ll ever do.”
Katy C
“It’s easy, just don’t overthink it. Get it done and ship it back immediately. The results are very cool, it graphs it over time so you can track changes. Also, you can access it anywhere on mobile so it’s helpful to show your Doctor.”
“It’s simple, don’t worry – the collection tubes do a fantastic job! Also, be patient – both towards yourself and the company. They are doing some groundbreaking stuff and as the first company to do it – give them some sliding room. They are good with speed, just not amazon prime – with speed.”
Morgan D.
“No waiting rooms. No needle. No need to go to MD for a prescription. So affordable compared to a lab and appointments. So my advice to new users is – don’t take it for granted! ???? It’s amazing you can test your CBC from home. Just take your time with it. Watch the instructions a few times. It is easier than you will think.”
Shirly A.

Important Notes

  • We use FEDEX for the CBC test.
  • To you, it is 2-3 days, but sending back is overnight.
  • You will need to send back using FEDEX (all pre-paid).
  • Don't do it on a Friday or Saturday - as the lab is closed on the weekend!

Final Thoughts

We will manually send you the tracking number as this is a very new product and not fully automated as of yet. We appreciate your patience.

What Happens After I Take The Test?

After you perform your sample it will be analyzed by our lab - and then we will review and aggregate your data into your dashboard.

If you have any questions please reply here.

Remember to

  • Take Your Time
  • Watch The Video Carefully
  • Mail-Back ASAP
  • CBC stands for Complete Blood Count or complete blood count. This test measures red blood cell counts (RBC), hemoglobin levels, white blood cells (WBC) and platelets.
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