How Testing Your Blood Regularly Reveals Your Unique Internal Profile To Unlock Your True Potential

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When testing your blood regularly you will get to know your body like never before. You’ll understand what it needs, how your diet, lifestyle, training, supplements and medications are impacting your overall health and performance.

Build a personalized picture of how your body is responding to your diet, training, lifestyle adjustments and more.

Collecting multiple scientific data points around your health means that you and your healthcare provider can make better decisions, faster and an individually tailored approach to your health. We believe that you should take control of your health and health data.

Testing your blood on a regular basis allows you to do just that. Lab Me makes it convenient, trust worthy and affordable.

Every human is different and mapping out your biomarkers over time can help you identify your personal normal.

Then, you can accurately track your progress, looking internally at how your body is responding to modifications in your nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise, medications, supplements and more.

Why do people self-track?

Some people want to self track out of curiosity, skepticism, desire for control, or motivation.

If the concept of self-tracking is new to you here are some common motives for people when they start to self track biomarkers. Testing your blood regularly helps by:

  • Increasing awareness of when or where something is happening so you can be more in control.
  • Learning about the frequency and intensity of a symptom such as pain, dizziness, cramps, or allergies, to support medical treatment.
  • Creative expression using your own data - changing diets for example.
  • Making progress in training for sports and fitness.
  • Pacing physical therapy and/or recovery from injury.
  • Determining if a medicine or treatment is working as intended.

How often should I test?

We recommend testing every three months to build up the most accurate picture of your own biomarker profile.

By testing your blood regularly you can see how your profile changes throughout the year and the impact of differing life situations (stressful events, medication or supplement changes, exercise, nutritional changes, sleep issues and more) on your internal health.

With our Lab Me subscription packages, you’ll be sent a test kit automatically every three months. All you need to do is complete the sampling, send it back and check your dashboard for your updated biomarker results and analysis.

Our experts will make suggestions to you based on your results but you have the freedom to change the frequency of the testing (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly) or cancel at any time.

What are the advantages of testing your blood regularly?

Your biomarker levels are unique, and vary between individuals. A variation outside of the ‘average’ biomarker reading may be insignificant for one person, or greatly significant for another. @labmeanalytics

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When you’re talking about lifestyle based diseases, marginal changes mean everything, this level of detail is important.

The more regularly you test, the more accurate the picture of your performance and health, and the greater the ability to identify issues before they become serious problems.

Want to get started? Click here or on the image below to compare the different plans that Lab Me offers for those wanting to take control of their health and health data.

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