What Is Lab Me Health Predictive Analytics?

What Is Lab Me Health Predictive Analytics? - LabMe

Lab Me health predictive analytics, uses clinical research that has been clinically proven to help detect or predict diseases such as heart attack, heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

Lab Me is constantly updating the platform to include more robust ways of analyzing data to inform you of potential threats to your health.

Using health focused predictive analytics and biomarker tracking, you and your healthcare professional can make faster, data driven decisions about your health.

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Interestingly enough, healthcare organizations face increasing pressure to achieve better care coordination and improve patient care outcomes. To accomplish these results, organizations are turning to predictive analytics.

Health statistics deals with the use of data and machine learning algorithms. Thereby, predicting the likelihood of future outcomes based on past data. However pitfalls do exist in the realm of health predictive analytics.

Which, I will cover in another topic.

Moreover, predictive analytics can be used in healthcare to “identify pain points throughout the stages of intake and care to improve both healthcare delivery and patient experience,”

Lauren Neal, a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Finally, at Lab Me we are in a state of kaizen to lower health care costs, save time, travel and ultimately life. All by doing so from the comfort of your own home.

Lifestyle Based Diseases & Health Predictive Analytics

The way a person or group of people lives directly influences their health. Lifestyle diseases include atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke; obesity and type 2 diabetes; and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. Regular physical activity helps prevent obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer, and premature mortality.

We are working hard with our advisory team to continuously improve how we can better accomplish this.

If you want to see your risk for heart attack, heart disease, stroke or kidney failure - sign up for a Lab Me Executive Health test.

Using our medical grade blood testing, from the comfort of your home in will know within 48 hours of the lab - receiving the report.

Moreover, kidney damage can easily be assessed using this test: Overload Health test.

Biomarker profiling to give you unparalleled insight into how your body works and respond.

Whether it be training, diets, supplements, medicines and/or lifestyle changes regular blood testing with lab me - will save you thousands.

In conclusions, don't waste money or times on things that aren't working for you internally.

To see is to know - to not see if to guess. So why would you guess with your health?

Don't put off today, what could put you or your family at risk for tomorrow.




What Is Lab Me's Predictive Analytics?
What Is Lab Me's Predictive Analytics?