The Top 3 Best At-Home Blood Testing Kits

Top 3 At Home Blood Testing

At-home blood testing kits are an excellent and hugely convenient way to avoid time-intensive trips to your healthcare provider and get quick and anonymous results that can help you to identify potential health problems before they become an issue.

Unfortunately, the reputation of home blood testing kits has been damaged by less than reputable whose poor testing techniques have resulted in unreliable or even false results.

The good news is that those companies are very much in the minority and the vast majority of at-home testing kits provide quick and accurate results using cutting-edge technology and techniques.

When it comes to picking the best at-home blood test kit, there are a large number of options on the market, many of them offering different types of testing or testing for different things.

This can make picking the right test for you difficult.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of the top three best at-home blood testing kits and their pros and cons.

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Founded in 2015, EverlyWell actually secured the funding required to start the company through the reality TV show Shark Tank.

The company partners with genome testing lab Helix to provide a range of tests with a focus on genetic testing for issues like food allergies and

EverlyWell themselves have a flagship lab in Dallas, Texas and all of their home testing kits are tested in labs that are certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) regulations.

To ensure all results collected are as accurate as possible, EverlyWell uses a clinical validation method that compares all their at-home testing kits to traditional sample collection methods

What tests does EverlyWell offer?

EverlyWell offers more than thirty tests that cover a range of options, including sexual health tests, both men’s and women’s health, and general wellness test.

Popular tests including testosterone tests for men, ovarian reserve tests for women, heart health tests, and colon cancer screens.

However, because of their partnership with Helix, EverlyWell also offers a range of DNA tests, including food sensitivity tests and indoor and outdoor allergy testing.

EverlyWell Pros
• All EverlyWell labs are CLIA-certified to ensure accuracy.

• Their partnership with Helix allows them to offer genetic testing.

• Their interstate Physician Network ensures that all tests meet state as well as federal requirements.

• Heavily focused on women’s health.

EverlyWell Cons
• EverlyWell does not offer any of its testing kits for minors.

• Not all testing kits are available in all states.

• Still uses less accurate dry blood spot card sampling.

• Offers multiple costly individual tests instead of multi-test boards.

• No subscription option for regular testing.

• Generic test results.

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Lets Get Checked

LetsGetChecked was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2014, but runs all of its U.S operations out of its CLIA-certified lab in California. The company also partners with CVS and Garmin Health to process different kinds of tests and ensure the fastest turnaround possible.

One of the primary benefits of LetsGetChecked is the speed at which the test is sent out and returned to the lab.

Once a test is ordered, LetsGetChecked sends it out on the same day, and the tracking information is sent to you via text message or email.

The package containing the kit also contains a pre-paid shipping label, meaning you can have it turned around as fast as possible and track it all the way back to the lab.

What tests does LetsGetChecked offer?
While LetsGetChecked doesn’t offer the genetic testing that EverlyWell does, they do offer a wider range of tests in total.

Their “general wellness” tests offer a significant range of options, from bowel cancer screening to cortisol testing and CRP tests to identify inflammation.

They also offer group tests for common sexual health issues, including the comprehensive Complete 11 that tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, Gardnerella, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Herpes Simplex Virus I and II.

LetsGetChecked Pros

• A rapid turnaround of test kits that includes same-day dispatch and free trackable return postage.

• A wide variety of blood tests available, including comprehensive sexual health testing.

• Uses board-certified physicians to review test results for accuracy.

• Heavily focused on STDs

LetsGetChecked Cons

• Does not ship at-home testing kits to Rhode Island or New Jersey.

• Tests are very modular meaning that you will need to order multiple kits to comprehensively test, which becomes expensive.

• Testing kits are only available for people over the age of 18.

• Still uses less accurate dry blood spot card sampling.

• The cost of multiple individual tests can stack up quickly.

• No subscription option for regular testing.

• Generic test results.

Lab Me Logo

Lab Me

Lab Me was founded by Dr. Anthony Close, a physician with decades of experience, degrees from Harvard and MIT, and a background in genetics and chemistry

Founded in 2019, Lab Me specializes in providing highly accurate at-home testing kits with a rapid 48-hour turnaround time after receipt of the sample. Lab Me is also the first company in the world to offer the revolutionary at-home CBC with a differential blood test and in 2022 they will be releasing the world's first at-home CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel).

In order to maintain the highest levels of scientific integrity, Lab Me has put together an Advisory Panel of some of the best biostatisticians from Johns Hopkins, Intermountain Partners, Standford University, Duke University, and the Max Planck Institute.

All Lab Me’s laboratories have achieved CLIA and CAP accreditation and make use of a patented system that separates plasma from blood, making them more accurate than their competitors.

While Lab Me is the youngest company on our list, they are expanding their services rapidly and are in the process of implementing an integrated telehealth system with MDs in 48 states, pharmacy integration for ordering prescriptions, and advanced machine learning for spotting issues earlier and augmenting customers primary healthcare physicians.

What tests does Lab Me offer?

Compared to LetsGetChecked and EverlyWell, Lab Me offers a wider testing menu of more comprehensive tests. Instead of a modular system of individual tests, Lab Me offers panels of popular blood tests.

For example, their Cholesterol and Lipids Test, which helps you monitor your cardiovascular and liver health, includes nine tests that would otherwise have to be bought separately, making them more cost-effective.

They also offer a subscription system to allow for regular tests at a reduced price.

The tests themselves make use of a patented plasma membrane separation system that offers a distinct increase in accuracy in traditional dry blood spot cards.

To ensure the highest levels of scientific excellence, Lab Me also partners with medical scientists who have over two decades of combined experience in processing and analyzing small volume specimens.

Unlike the other companies on this list, Lab Me has the flexibility to offer custom test boards to suit your preferences, allowing you to pick and choose the tests that suit you, while still taking advantage of their cost-competitive test boards.

They are also the first company to offer at-home CBC (complete blood count) tests which help patients and their healthcare providers detect a huge range of potential disorders, from anemia to leukemia.

Lab Me Pros

  • Excellent customer service and support.
  • Patented plasma membrane separation system for industry-leading blood test accuracy.
  • An advisory panel of some of the best biostatisticians in the world.
  • Offers multiple test boards that are far more cost-effective than the single tests offer by competitors.
  • The ability to order custom test boards that offer exactly the tests you need.
  • Customizable result delivery options offering a personalized dashboard that can be accessed via mobile or desktop and easily shared with the customer’s healthcare provider.
  • Downloadable PDF reports that are easy to share with healthcare professionals.
  • The only at-home blood testing kit provider to offer complete blood count tests.
  • First in the world to offer an at-home CBC and comprehensive metabolic panel.
  • Can create custom panels for partners.

Lab Me Cons

  • FedEx 2-day shipping only available on CBC tests.
  • CBC and CHEM-14 panels aren’t available for subscription.

The Best At-Home Blood Testing Kit

All three companies on our list offer excellent and accurate at-home testing kits. However, Lab Me has a distinct edge over its competitors.

The best at-home testing kits available today is one that ensure the best outcomes.

Accuracy, speed, cost all come into play.

With Lab Me's use of a patented plasma membrane separation system means their tests are simply more accurate than their competitors.

Their multiple test panels are both more effective and more cost-competitive than the single tests offered by other companies and they offer customizable test boards to suit any customer.

In addition to a huge range of comprehensive health tests, Lab Me is also the only at-home blood testing kit provider to offer an at-home CBC and comprehensive metabolic panel, an effective early detection system for a range of issues from heightened cortisol levels to leukemia.

Overall, Lab Me is more accurate, offers a wider and more flexible range of tests, and is more price-competitive than its competitors.

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