Top 10 Benefits of Lab Report Software

Top 10 Benefits of Lab Report Software

The Lab report software is the best and handy tool for hospital management to deliver faster results. It is a convenient and helpful lab report software which plays a vital role in diagnostics labs. The procedure of healthcare management should be looked after more carefully.

Fig: Top 10 Benefits of Lab Report Software

These days, you can have well-designed software for your lab. Online lab software is used in the healthcare industry and labs. This software has been designed with an innovative approach for the user-friendly and effective interface.

It is a great digital platform to improve customer satisfaction. It is an excellent program for different reasons. This software has been designed according to diverse needs such as:

  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public Health
  • Diagnostic Pathology.

It is a very versatile tool that can be used in laboratories with great healthcare solutions to meet diverse needs.

Core Functions of Lab Report Software

Managing the workflow properly is the need of the hour in a lab setting. Here are the practices that this software handles to make the process easier and improve patient care –

  • Doctors Management
  • Patients Management
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Pathology Management
  • Patient Prescription and Visit Report
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Discharge Summary
  • Reports and Summaries
  • Utilities Management

How does Software work?

The lab software can maintain the record and provide the facts about tests. It is a very handy tool with modules that run smoothly.

With great report and bill generation facility, you can have the following features in your hands-

  • Result Feeding,
  • Registration
  • Sample Collection
  • Billing
  • Recipients reports

It can improve the accuracy and privacy of the right test results. Also, it is helpful in treatment with a clear analysis that can help to diagnose illnesses at right time.

Lab Report Software – Key Features

Here are the key features of lab management software to improve the workflow of labs –

  • Excellent management
  • Complete information management
  • SMS Alert
  • Invoicing and Billing Report
  • Prescription printed in the local language
  • Detailed geographical information
  • Easy to receive patient visit details

Benefits of The Software

It has literally become important for all types of works to automate lab process. It is very vital building their online works and sales. Failing to do this could cause a situation where they cannot deal with costs because of service delays and other issues.

The software improves the overall ability of the lab and ensures accuracy in reports. These tools can execute the automated results and help to compare the actual results. The testing can ensure facility in lab report software without manual and extra re-work.

One of the best parts of the lab software is that it can implement again and again, with enhanced accuracy and minimal effort.

Quick Response

Automated testing is playing a vital role in validation in other phases. It can improve interaction between designers, coders, and product owners. Also, and it can easily rectify the potential errors.

Best Results

Due to the instant work of testing, it can save a lot of time for plenty of systems. It can carry out the testing quickly and deliver faster results every time.

Lower expenses

This system can save a lot of money, even though initial investment is usually higher. It is because of a steep drop in the time needed for testing. Also, it can give results in a higher quality of work while reducing the need for resolving problems after release and it also saves more on project costs.

Improving Testing Efficiency

Testing takes a huge part of the overall app development cycle. It shows even the small changes in efficiency can make big difference to the overall project time frame. Even though it initially takes longer time, LIMS can save time.

Great overall coverage of lab test

While working on the tests, a lot of tests can be executed based on the application. It can give improved coverage than the manual work, which would take a huge team and it takes a lot of time. Also, the higher coverage can help by testing more features and quality of the lab report software.

Re-usability in Automated Tests

Because of the repetitive nature of lab tests and ease of setup and configuration of LIMS software, developers can easily assess the program reaction. Also, the automated test cases are utilized with varied plans and are able to use again.

Early detection of defects

The detection of defects in the LIMS system has become very easier for teams. It helps improve the overall speed of development while ensuring proper features over different areas. The earlier we identify the defect, the more cost-saving it can be to fix the error.

Faster turnaround time

Lab report software improves reversal time by ensuring proper work of test cases. The execution of the test library is faster and runs longer than the manual process.

Thorough testing

Testers are supposed to have varied testing ways and their areas of focus vary because of their expertise and exposure. With automation, there is an improved focus on all testing areas and it also assures the best quality.

Information Security

The quality of testing relies heavily on the quality of test data. Creating quality test data manually is time taking and it can turn on live database copies. Hence, the solutions are to help, create, and protect the test database and you can reuse the data again and again. Also, the cost and time saving is huge in this area.

The best part of medical lab reporting software is that it can improve value to all the stakeholders who are involved in it.

Few values are like the followings

  • The increasing revenue
  • Improves brand image
  • Ensures higher customer retention
  • Increases brand recall.

Hence, there is a hike in investment on process and product research. Then, it is helping to establish and scale new heights in the market.

Eventually, it will yield a solution to issues that are common in the firm and it will also help increase the industry standards. It depends on business leaders to use the value of quality and finally make it one of the core plan of the work.

The automated test results benefits us in the followings-

  • Saving cost
  • Time and stress
  • Density
  • Faster feedback
  • Quicker results.

These types of benefits can make all the changes as SMEs endeavor to gain a huge edge. They can play a vital role in the success of the agency.

Why Lab Management Software is not implemented so widely?

Even though pathology lab reporting software is recommended, all firms cannot accept it. The initial cost of testing is a great reason behind this. Along with it, a lot of leaders may ignore this aspect and place the issue on the back burner. There is a resistance to change that they may come across before using it.

The firms still have to be careful when it comes to contacting online lab software vendors. This type of automation is much customized and can cover around 50% of the test process. When DevOps methods and Agile testing are widely used in the IT industry, it goes without saying that you can conduct testing even with the least viable product. According to the budget needs of customers, there are different tools and plans available for investment.

Implementing Lab Software in the Current Situation

It can be challenging to automate lab tests and make lab report software. However, it can deliver effective results if it is implemented properly. If it is not done properly, it can also cause chaos and absolute disruption of the project.

Set specific goals

With any type of lab system, you need to set specific goals and align automation according to that. The goals must be tracked with the project and it will allow testers to step back and keep track of a specific activity. In addition, the deployment goals change constantly.

This lab report software is an automation tool which keeps track of progress on builds and provides smooth deployment. Deployments and building can get annoying because of repetitive nature. With specific targets, automation can make the process faster for testing teams. In addition, it also lowers the scope of error.

Web Service/API Testing

Web services integrate two different apps for data exchange without affecting the specific structure of an app. So, it is important to test web services to validate the response. This way, automation tasks can be very sensitive to development teams. All of the tests can be placed at the middle layer in this process. It helps identify issues and bugs faster and it can fix the errors by using the frameworks.

Automation in Non-Functional Testing

Non-functional testing like workload and stress tests are very important to figure out the overall look of the application. These tests can be annoying and are repetitive. Hence, it results in an error. Hence, the lab reporting software can add value for such tests and avoid the risk of errors.

Making repetitive tasks

From interaction with users, writing user concepts to develop them, it is all repetitive concept. It can apply automation to such tasks. It can even be done with any automation tool or JavaScript which matches well with the skill sets of a development team.

Data Validation

With regards to data testing, it consists of comparing files like CSV, text files, and Excel sheets. It helps compares against baselines to make data validation or there are certain files generated from two sources. Any of these activities can cause repetition, which should be recognized instantly. So, automation is very important to ensure that any kind of error in the processing of data can be identified quickly. Also, the test automation can be implemented for varied needs.

Automation to perform search activity

Looking for a specific file in the data can be difficult and it results in ineffective search process and errors. Any of those tasks can be automated to ensure speed and efficiency in the search process.

Lab Report Software – The Future of Pathology

Pathology has become part of our lives and the overall healthcare system. Most of the persons rely on labs to screen for critical illnesses like cancer, monitor the progress of a disease, manage therapies, and to diagnose diseases. In pathology, the application of digital technology has the potential to transform the analog practice as pathologists deliver services and information through digital ways.

Market Status

With around 33 companies offering digital lab software, hardware and solutions across the world, the international digital pathology market is about to reach over $4.5 billion by the year 2018. After Asia and Europe, North America is the third continent which rules the digital pathology market. There are several programs that can help improve the adoption of this technology.

Digital Pathology Innovations

Fig: Digital Pathology Innovations

Here are some of the common examples of using innovation in Labs–

  • Conversion of shape in lab-to-lab and other areas with direct interfaces.
  • Offering clinical lab services at remote areas and providing second opinions.
  • Integration of pathology lab test results and management across several labs with different LIS system.
  • Integration can increase efficiency in data processing and promoting the overall functions.
  • Sharing information for patient care, such as promoting, consulting, patient health records, and referrals.
  • Promoting self-management among patients who have been suffering from long-term conditions, i.e. by helping them to self-manage their problems.
  • Data mining to achieve business intelligence of pathology processes and using the derived info to improve patient results and services.
  • Use of lab report software for presenting cases in tumor boards and for training and education.
  • Control over transportation and collection of samples from hospitals, clinics, and surgeries to laboratories.
  • An automated and quantitative approach in image analysis as well as detection to promote identifications of areas of interest and offer risk-based prioritization of cases.

In digital pathology, overall benefits may cover in patient safety, service delivery, and orders, along with reduced costs, error rates, and more efficient.

In the near future, labs will have digital solutions to –

  • Promote custom medical help where therapies can be customized as per the patient’s needs and conditions
  • For providing the primary diagnosis of illness
  • Analyze and read data to figure out the links between treatments and medical tests and to improve best outcomes.
  • The complete insight into patient’s care and health to the pathologists
  • Accessing data from a spectrum of various data sites instantly and to access prior data with ease.
  • To help labs to get in touch with labs and patients easily and directly.
  • An optimized structure of delivery by removing geographical limits.
  • Empower the patients to manage their health on their own by accessing electronic health records in the lab information system.

What are the Barriers which may come in the adoption of automation?

When there are significant benefits of the lab management system, there are still concerns and questions regarding technology. It may pose certain barriers in adopting whole slide imaging or WSI. Also, the technical concerns related to digital slide scanning will be solved.

Here are the functions to scan slides-

  • Several focal points (z-axis)
  • High magnification
  • Image access speeds
  • Image quality
  • limitations in computer hardware for storing and processing data.

However, regulatory issues are one of the major concerns. How regulation can be applied to care, models, in which WSI components are operated and bought by several entities.

For example- Image hosting, image capture in a facility, Manipulation in the second facility, as well as interpretation in the third one.

There are different issues you must consider when it comes to validating WSI for primary application in diagnosis, such as –

  • Types of data generated
  • Keeping the device separate from a practitioner
  • Experience of a pathologist, both with the device and in practice
  • Validation setting and washout for concordance
  • Assessing accuracy
  • Types of data to be generated
  • Assessing bias
  • Sample size
  • Making the findings general

There has been a lot of progress till date, i.e. with regulatory pathways in member states of Europe and Canada now open for primary healthcare diagnosis of WSI or whole slide images. However, there are regulatory barriers to the American market.

The WSI systems are regulated by the FDA as Class III devices which include high risk. The adoption of this technology has been slowed down in their position.

With the existing progress in technical and regulatory matters, digital lab report software will definitely take healthcare to a new level and pathology services will also help stakeholders in future to enjoy a lot of potential benefits in the digital lab.

Lab Me Analytics – A Complete Solution to Ease Lab Records

These days, we breathe and we live in the era of technology which has some pros and cons. Even though our lives have been easier than ever, technology also brings some problems you shouldn’t overlook, just like every coin has two aspects.

Healthcare industry is no exception to going digital when the whole world is doing all work online in almost every sector. This way, labs have also come up with online or digital services. Lab Me Analytics is one of the leading programs for the clinical lab to interpret lab reports.

Let’s get into the details and have more info about this laboratory software. It is, basically, a cloud-based mobile app for Android and iOS for Pathology Labs. The app can help to manage the home visit and in-center appointments, finance, tests, reports, and each aspect properly.

The effectiveness of Pathology Lab Software

With this software, your lab and its services are just one tap away. Acquire all the important data by tapping once. Essentially, it is a great management to have all the records of blood work, exactly from the request of report delivery, along with each small detail. Also, with the tests, the lab report software helps the system to gather all the lab data at once. In short, it ensures accurate work by centralizing the records. Also, it is providing all-time access to users, even though they want to check their history.

Use Lab me analytic for instant lab reports

Once data is stored in the software, it avoids the risk of missing reports, jumbling in various types and numbers of tests, stay in the delivery of reports, and delayed appointments, etc. Hence, this lab report software can save both time and stress and can improve the true values of pathology services.

All in all, this lab management program plays a vital role to store all your health records so you can access everything from minor unit to larger cell, whenever you ask for.



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