The Future of At-Home Blood Testing

The Future of At-Home Blood Testing


The future of at-home blood testing is at our fingertips. We rely on blood tests to check our health, screen for illnesses, and help us prevent or manage common diseases. And these days you can easily do these tests from the comfort of your home with an at-home blood test. From the first over-the-counter pregnancy tests over 35 years ago to the availability of finger-prick diabetes testing, at-home testing continues to advance towards a future where everything we need to know about our health will easily be available to us.




The Future of At-Home Blood Testing is Already Here




Right now, we can effectively monitor our health with various at-home blood tests that are already available. Without even leaving home you can monitor your cardiovascular and liver health with cholesterol and lipids tests. You can identify deficiencies in your body or test for raised levels of cortisol, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), or blood glucose, and make the adjustments needed to get your health back on track. Some would say we are already living the future of at-home blood testing.




The Real Benefits of At-home Testing




At-home blood testing has many advantages over going in for a test.




It is convenient. You can do the test on your schedule.




It is private. Nobody needs to know what you are testing for today.




You can do regular tests that can help you build up a better picture of your biomarker profile, making it easier to monitor changes in your health. You can see if your current treatments and medications are working and share your results with your doctor.




How A Pandemic Advanced the Future of At-Home Blood Testing




The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the advantages of at-home blood testing over the risk of exposure to infections that comes with a visit to the doctor, clinic, or hospital. The importance of taking control of our health has never seemed so important. Playing a large role in the future of at-home blood testing will be the idea of empowerment and making better diagnostics accessible to everyone.




Analyzing the Future of At-Home Blood Testing




The future of at-home blood testing is more about how results are analyzed and used to monitor our overall health. Some companies are working on sophisticated tests that analyze the proteins in blood samples to find patterns that can help pick up early signs of specific diseases. These tests are tapping into the incredible amount of information the proteins circulating in your blood carry.




Blood testing technologies are using software tools to model your health. This software can process and interpret your results in ways that can help you take more control over your health.




The future of at-home blood testing also means the collection and availability of more data. With the data from regular at-home blood testing, there can be more advances in medical science.




Taking Control of Our Health




As future at-home blood testing becomes more accurate and accessible, there will be less of a need to visit the doctor. At-home tests can become the first step to diagnosing and treating a lot of diseases and conditions, from allergies to cancer. Going beyond diagnostics, at-home blood tests will be able to help with the management of specific conditions or with follow-ups with your health care provider. Having a better understanding of your health and test results can empower you to work with your doctor for the best treatment for you.




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