Looking For An Alternative To Let's Get Checked?

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Looking for a more affordable yet more comprehensive solution to Let's Get Checked? Bloodwork is a crucial part of any health evaluation, but it can be inconvenient and expensive. If you’re considering doing any extent of blood testing, you’ve more than likely heard about brands that offer direct-to-consumer testing and analytics, making your health easier than ever to track.

By tracking your body’s vital biomarkers, blood testing can give you clear scientific data to help you navigate your way to better health. Lab Me describes this process as a “health selfie,” which captures the purpose in a fun and memorable way. The best part about modern, at-home blood testing is that you can get your results sent directly to your computer or phone and access them at any time. If you’re looking for an alternative to Let’s Get Checked, read on.

What is the alternative to Let’s Get Checked?

There are plenty of companies that do self-administered at-home blood testing, and each has its pros and cons. With companies like Let’s Get Checked, you may have to order multiple tests to get the same amount of information as you would with someone like Lab Me. This can make testing expensive, tedious and create more work for you and your technicians. Just imagine more bloodwork, more labeling, more mailing samples, more analyses, and more results to sift through.

If this sounds frustrating, there are options that allow you to access more information for a lower price, such as Lab Me’s executive test. This screening examines a number of factors crucial in blood testing, but you’re paying for one report as opposed to multiple. It’s a great alternative to Let’s Get Checked because of its bundle offers that save you time and money.

How does it work?

First, you’ll choose a health test (or a series of health tests) and we will have a medical doctor sign off so you can avoid sitting in a doctor’s office. Then, you’ll collect your specimen in the morning, return it within 3 days with the prepaid shipping label included in your package, and access your results within 48 hours of receiving your sample at the lab. You will then be able to access these results via a secure online portal on your phone or computer.

Why should I choose this as an alternative to Let’s Get Checked?

Maybe it’s not your favorite thing to drive to and from a clinic for a short appointment. Maybe it’s the socializing with clinicians that bugs you. Both Let’s Get Checked and Lab Me remove the inconvenient hassle of scheduling appointments, driving to the clinic, waiting around, talking to clinicians, and driving back home. What most people miss, though, is that Let’s Get Checked has a number of negative reviews on Trustpilot, complaining that they are unfriendly and overly technical with clients. This is as opposed to Lab Me, whose reviews reveal friendly, helpful, responsive, and timely customer service. Who wouldn’t want better service when looking for an alternative to Let’s Get Checked?

In addition to more pleasurable service, you’re likely to find Lab Me as a suitable (or even preferable) alternative to Let’s Get Checked, and for a number of compelling reasons. The tests offered by Lab Me are more extensive but less expensive. This blood testing alternative to Let’s Get Checked includes more data in its executive test and features lower prices for individual tests like testosterone or vitamin D evaluations.

What does this alternative to Let’s Get Checked do for me?

Lab Me offers predictive statistics that will keep you informed about your risk of heart attack, kidney failure, and more, as well as supplement and medication tracking. This allows you to see how your medications or supplements are changing your blood, virtually in real-time. It also provides accurate and easy-to-understand results with lower variability and technological superiority. In addition to this easy-to-use system, this alternative to Let’s Get Checked allows for rapid support, where you can get responses to your requests with a number of hours – not days.

If you’re looking to get bloodwork done and easily access your results from wherever you are, order a test (or a few) from Lab Me and let us know what you think.

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