Why Choose Lab Me To Evaluate Your Blood Tests Instantly

Evaluate Your Blood Test Results Easily? "Artificial intelligence has incredible potential. Within the next couple of years, it will revolutionize every area of our life, including medicine. I am convinced that it will redesign healthcare completely – and for the better." -The Medical Futurist.

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Fig: why you should go for Lab Me

So if you are looking for good lab test analysis software, here is why you should go for Lab Me.

  • Lab Me analyzer instantly explains your complex blood test result. I am using only a photo!
  • Using machine intelligence, Lab Me can help predict disease early.
  • You can instantly send that report to a licensed MD for a second opinion
  • You can track and compare all your blood work historically

So What's The Problem?

Lack of decentralized Storage

92% of people surveyed (100 people) had no idea where their old blood work was located. Less than 2% had access to all their historical blood data. One of the leading causes of death is medical malpractice which starts with the misinterpretation of lab results.

Corporate & Government Red-Tape

Getting end users to commit via their employer or government agency requires too many agreements. Time is of the essence, and health doesn't wait for policy. Individuals alone will drive decentralization, yet most rely on someone from above to initiate.

Doctor time

As the ageing population and medical costs are increasing, doctors have less time to focus on patients as individuals. Moreover, SEA has the world's lowest physician density (per 10,000 population), just above Africa. This is an issue since many patients have lifestyle-based diseases which need continuous monitoring. In addition, doctors don't have the brainpower to analyze every biomarker of every patient.

Historical tracking

Blood biomarkers fluctuate over time. How do you track improvement or lack thereof if you don't know where you are? It's nonsense to think you can get a snapshot of the day and have a complete picture of overall health.

Corporate Health

Corporations today all agree that employees' health is paramount to the success of the company's functioning. However, most of them lack a clean way to track and monitor the health of their employees.

Excel-based models

Many organizations realize the power of tracking the blood test results but rely on manual input and clunky old excel sheets. The churn rate is high because they are difficult to share and collaborate with. Also, it's too time-consuming for most patients to follow through on.

The Lab Me Solution

Decentralized Storage - being "end-user centric", Lab Me bypasses the red tape required by governments and large organizations and places the onus in the hands of users. Also, it provides a simple way to upload, store and analyze their blood work in seconds.

Artificial Intelligence - it's already well known that AI is changing how the world works. AI in healthcare is no different. Our proprietary algorithms analyze massive amounts of biomarkers and patient data to forecast early disease, predict future disease and assist healthcare practitioners in making more robust healthcare treatment plans that are individual to the patient.

Collaborative Modeling - allows users to share their dashboard with people inside their trusted network. Whether doctors, loved ones, or company managers - it's a simple click to get an overview of the users' progress.

Structured Data - we aggregate not only blood work but various other data points through integrations with common healthcare applications. This can include sleep, periods, mood, prescriptions and more. In addition, our computer vision allows users to track home devices such as blood glucose, pulse and pressure.

Why Use Lab Me Analytics?

Because Lab Me Analytics is a blood test analyzer which organizes, automates, and explains the complex laboratory tests of the patient to keep track of important information needed to evaluate your blood test results easily.

Lab Me Analytics helps in exploring and understanding blood work results. It is a comprehensive solution for the history of reliable, efficient, and modern blood test results.

This application has been designed to help patients and doctors to spot early signs on lab reports that otherwise would have been missed.

Lab me creates a normal range for you, not a population.

The software displays the default units of measurement and reference ranges for each lab test procedure, generating a quantitative result. Along with reference ranges, the units of measurement used in the laboratory may vary according to Lab. With the help of this tool, you can easily adjust measurement and reference ranges units. Also, you can easily review and generate a lab test report which will interpret important results which are out of reference range or abnormal.

Lab Me Analytics vs Others

Lab Me Analytics Others
You can understand your blood tests by taking a photo of your lab report. Excel-based models or manual input
Instantly get detailed predictive insights. No guarantee of accurate interpretation. Also limited access to reports within the plan
Lab Me works on machine intelligence technology for precision. Do not use machine intelligence.
We have connections with over 600 doctors for quick expert opinions. Do not integrate with telemed.


Hence, it is vital to determine the key information that should be obtained from lab analysis through an intelligent system like Lab Me Analytics. Get detailed cellular analysis with machine intelligence and various smart algorithms to improve productivity and efficiency.

For more information, please visit All blood test reports will be in one place with 100% accuracy, affordable price, and minimum time spent. Moreover, you can try the power of Lab Me's analytical engine for no charge.


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