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If you have received the email with the subject line cbc replacement kit:

Your Sample Couldn't Be Analyzed ????

Then you will need to reorder your test kit. Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully and ensure the CBC is sent back ONLY between Monday & Thursday. The lab is closed on the weekend, and the CBC requires overnight shipping and processing.

It's important that you send it right away after performing.

cbc replacement kit

Please review the video instructions here.



included in price: Replacement Kit + FedEx Overnight + Handling

How To Perform - What if I Mess It Up?

Once we get the order processed – WATCH THE video instructions CAREFULLY ABOVE on how to perform.

If for some reason you do the test incorrectly, you will be asked to pay for shipping and handling of a new test kit + shipping ($49 dollars/FedEx overnight + handling). You won’t be charged the full cost of the test.

There are NO refunds of any type on this test after your order.

That being said we send a couple of micro-tubes for collection – just in case. 😉

DO NOT do it on a Friday or Saturday – as the lab is closed on the weekend! And the return sending is for overnight delivery.

When Will It Be Delivered?
Please give us 3-5 days to process this order/test kit.In addition, as stated this test is highly specific and also a new product – so we need to prepare it properly. It will NOT come in a branded Lab Me box as we are printing new ones for this test kit specifically. We use multiple labs – so it will most likely be in a box from one of the Labs.

Also, we use FEDEX overnight for the CBC test return mailer.

To you, it is 2-3 days, but sending back is overnight.

You will need to send back using FEDEX (all pre-paid).

Don’t do it on a Friday or Saturday – as the lab is closed on the weekend! Do your test and mail it the same day on Monday – Thursday.

How Do I Track It?
Since this test is a very new innovation, we will personally email you with the tracking number when it ships.
What Happens After I Take The Test?
After you perform your sample it will be analyzed by our lab – and then we will review and aggregate your data into your online dashboard. If you have any questions please reply here.

You will not be charged for the entire test again. Only $55 for a replacement kit, shipping, and handling. If you need to order a new kit you can do so by messaging us here.
We thank you for your trust in Lab Me! -Lab Me team

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